Team Ghana Update: A Daughter Church's 10th AnniversaryBrother Rexford Aning pastors the Fundamental Baptist Church of Fiapre in Sunyani, Ghana. I had the privilege of performing the marriage of Brother Rexford and his wife Deborah in March 2012. God has blessed them with four children: Daniel, David, Samuel, and James. Bro. Aning graduated from our Bible college in June 2012 and then started the church in October of that year.

Pastor Rexford invited me to come and preach his church’s 10th anniversary earlier this month. What a joy it was for me to see what God has been doing through Pastor and Mrs. Aning. I had not visited Pastor Aning’s church for several years, so I was pleasantly shocked with all of the improvements. In addition to the church building, they put up a small structure that they use as a school and a restroom facility. They even have a church orchestra now, which Mrs. Aning helps to lead. The church building was filled, and tents were set up outside to handle the overflow crowd. Pastor Aning shared with us this testimony about their special day:

We had nearly 300 on the property that day, with about 38 confirmed salvations. We were very honored to have Pastor Speer as our guest speaker. Our people are doing a great job following up on the visitors. Several have continued to come since the anniversary. Last week as we continued with follow-ups, I visited one lady named Josephine. I questioned her about Pastor Speer’s sermon, and she had understood the salvation message! There have been many stories like these from our church members as they go out visiting.

One other thing I was happy about was our members’ involvement in the anniversary. Our church family divided themselves into groups to cook different meals for our visitors. I praise the Lord for such a great church family that loves the Lord and is willing to support His work. We praise the Almighty God for all these wonderful things.

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Ted Speer
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