Team Ghana National Pastor Update: Good News from Three PastorsPlease pray for these men, their families, and their ministries as you read their testimonies.

Pastor James Adjabeng

“I want to thank the Almighty God for the ministry work at Kunsu, and I am also thankful for the privilege given to me to lead this ministry. Many people are responding to the truth.

“This is Mr. Kumar; he is a member of our church. He is very faithful to church services, and I am working with him on the discipleship lessons. He is excited that I have taken time to disciple him.

“Last Saturday, I witnessed to Kwame in his house, and he was happy to hear that salvation is found in Jesus Christ through our faith alone. Please continue to pray for these people that they will grow in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also for the ministry work at Kunsu that we will get more disciples.” – Jesus Only Baptist Church, Kunsu, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Adjabeng was reached by our church in Kumasi. He graduated from our Bible college in 2018. After serving as a staff evangelist at our church, he began pastoring this church in February 2021.]

Pastor Rexford Aning

“Last Saturday, I went with my family and two ladies from our church to visit some members. While visiting, we came across Jenifer and Priscilla. One of the girls from our church decided to witness to them. I was very encouraged to hear her preach the Gospel very clearly. Jenifer got the message quickly and asked Jesus to save her in prayer. Then she testified to Priscilla that the Gospel message was good. She also made a request and said, ‘Could you come again?’ I thank God that that many of our church members have caught the vision of soul winning.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana [Pastor Aning graduated from our Bible college in June 2012. He started the church in Fiapre in October 2013.]

Pastor Kingsley Addai

“Emmanuel Asamoah trusted Christ a few months ago while I was looking for an opportunity to preach at their information center. He is the manager of the information center. [An information center is a local public address system on which you may purchase airtime.] I preached to him the Gospel of Christ, and he believed on Christ that day. I invited him to church, and he has been coming to church for a few weeks now. I am so thankful for the Gospel of Christ because Emmanuel was not going to any church. Through the Gospel, he saw that our church preaches the truth, and he has been coming to our church. To my surprise, he brought his younger brother to church last Sunday. I am asking prayers for Emmanuel to grow in grace and to be a soul winner.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Mamponteng, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Addai graduated from our Bible college in February 2018. He started the church in Mamponteng in 2019.]

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