Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: The Grace of God That Bringeth SalvationYour support for missions is being multiplied here in West Africa. Men have been trained and sent out to reach others for Christ. Please pray for these men, their ministries, and their families.

Pastor Collins Agyei

“Thank God for the Bible and for salvation given so freely. I visited Mr. John Boateng at his cocoa farm. After I opened the Scriptures and showed this 61-year-old gentleman the plan of salvation, he trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation. He had previously spent many years in idol worship.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Gyasi Boateng

“My mother passed away in November. Some of my relatives came from their villages when they heard this news. Through God’s grace, I used this opportunity to preach the Gospel to them, and about half of them trusted Christ. More friends and family members were saved when Pastor Ted Speer had the opportunity to preach to them at the ‘one-week celebration’ [which is akin to a viewing in America].

“I met Mr. Kwadwo Yeboah, age 67, at his workplace. He told me he had been attending a Methodist church for 48 years and had been working as an electrical engineer for 45 years. He thought he would go to Heaven by doing good works and obeying the Law, but after I showed him the truth from the Bible, he decided to put his faith in Christ alone for salvation.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Asawase, Kumasi, Ghana [Pastor Boateng graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Robert Gayflor

“Praise the Lord for His ministry here in Goba, Bomi County, where there are a lot of Muslims. The word of God is powerful and can change lives. It has been difficult to win the Muslims to Christ, but the Spirit of God continues to work in the hearts of these Muslims. Many of them have been coming to me to ask for a Christmas gift, and I told them to come to receive the greatest Gift from God (Jesus Christ) our Saviour. Last Sunday, 4 came to church and trusted Christ as Saviour. Praise the Lord for the Bible! Please pray that these people will be faithful to church.” – Mercy Baptist Church, Gba, Bong County, Liberia [Our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, helped train Brother Gayflor in soul winning and worked with him to start Mercy Baptist Church.]

Pastor David Pentsil

“Mr. Gyasi [not Pastor Boateng] found our church on his own; nobody had invited him. He arrived as I began preaching the Gospel. He had many questions, but he finally believed that salvation is only by grace through Jesus Christ. He promised to become a member of the church.

As I was going soul winning, I saw this young man named Appiah sitting in front of his house reading the Bible. He allowed me to show him the way of salvation from his Bible, and he believed. This young man is very committed and serious. Since then, he has been going soul winning with me every Thursday.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Feyiase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Pentsil graduated from our Bible college in June 2012.]

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