Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight:  The Desire to Learn

Pastor and Mrs. Kwaw

Pastor and Mrs. Kwaw

Two Who Sought Advice Receive the Gospel

Pastor Isaac Kwaw was already pastoring when he first enrolled in our Bible college. He testifies that he learned soul winning from our ministry. He says that after putting into practice what he learned, his church began to grow! He has now completed a diploma at Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa and is close to completing his degree. Here is one soul- winning story from Pastor Kwaw:

“Albert Yeboah came to my house with his friend to seek my advice on some issue. After the discussion, I asked about their salvation experiences. I realized that neither of them knew Christ, so I presented the Gospel to them. Both of them accepted Christ. Albert came to church and was baptized. He is now in my Sunday school class and is growing as a believer.”

Pastor Isaac Kwaw, Obuasi, Ghana

Pastor Jonas and Mrs. Dorcas Osei Owusu

Pastor and Mrs. Jonas Osei Owusu

Former Idol Worshipper Trusts Christ

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu pastors a third-generation church plant near Lake Bosomtwe. This church was started out of the Fundamental Baptist Church of Adwafo, which was started by our church in Kumasi. Here is some good news from Brother Jonas:

“I was making hospital visits when I met Madam Afriyie. When I met her, she was lying on her sick bed. I presented the Gospel to her, and she trusted Jesus as her personal Saviour. After a few weeks, she recovered and started coming to church faithfully with her children.

“Efia Nyamekye came to our Easter Program, which was held at the town’s community center. I shared the Gospel with her; she accepted it and trusted Christ. Previously, she was an idol worshipper. Since getting saved, Efia has been witnessing to others. We hope that many will come to Christ from the idolatry community because of her testimony.

“In the month of July 2015, 13 converts were baptized in water.”

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu, Kuntenase, Ghana

Pastor David Pentsil and Family

Pastor David Pentsil and Family

A Desire to Learn

“Brother Owusu has been helping me in many ways because he wants to learn. Every Tuesday morning he comes to my house, and we study the Bible together for about 30 minutes. Then we go soul winning. He wants to be a Sunday school teacher. While I am teaching Sunday school, he asks many good questions.

“I met Clement at his house at Esreso while I was soul winning. I spoke to him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he accepted Jesus as his Saviour. He came to church the next day, which was Sunday. At church he asked many reasonable questions—a sign of a person who wants to learn.”

Pastor David Pentsil, Feyiase, Ghana

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