Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Soul-Winning PastorsPlease pray for these men, their families, and their ministries as you read their testimonies.

Pastor Collins Agyei

“Mr. Yaw Boakye is from Adwafo. I met him at his house and shared the Gospel with him, and he got saved. Since then, he has been coming to church and going soul winning with me. Mr. Yaw has been coming to church with his children, and he also invites new converts to church. Every Sunday he also gives his time to work at the church property” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Christian Gafatsi

“I met Mr. Carter at a place called ‘Top Ten’ at Bediako. I preached to him the Gospel of Christ Jesus, and he put his faith on Christ Jesus. During my preaching when I reached Revelation 21:8, this man asked me to read the verse again. After I finished reading the verse once more, he started crying and saying that his uncle had deceived him about the way to Heaven. Before he had believed that one can go to Heaven by obedience to the laws of God.” – Heaven’s Praise Baptist Church, Bediako, Tema, Ghana [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor George Menyon

“We are grateful to God for our Bible college. Currently, we have 17 students attending the Bible college. One of our students, Brother Albert Gnahoua, is 62 years of age, and he is from the Ivory Coast. He has plans to go back to his home country after graduation to start some fundamental Baptist churches. Before Brother Albert was saved, he was a member of various religious sects, such as Islam, Buddhism, and Mormonism. He did not find salvation by grace through faith until he came to Grandview Baptist Church in June 2020. Though his family and relatives are on the Ivory Coast, he has been using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Two of his children have been saved. Brother Albert is now 62 years old, and he wants to spend the rest of his life serving the Lord. What a blessing!” – Grandview Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia [Pastor Menyon graduated from our Bible college in September 2009. In July 2011, he returned to Liberia. Pastor Menyon has now had a part in starting 17 churches in Liberia.]

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu

“Brother Otchere and I witnessed to Patricia Appiagyei during our soul-winning program, and she believed in Christ. She has become a member who is growing in the Lord. She comes to church every Sunday. We are happy that our member, Abraham Appiah (pictured on the right), has enrolled at Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. He has been going soul winning and handling Sunday school very effectively. God bless Pastor Ted Speer and Pastor Sarver and all of the lecturers [teachers] at college.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Kuntanase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Osei-Owusu received a certificate from our Bible college in December 2011.]

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