Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Salvation, Free for All MankindThank you for partnering with Team Ghana and our church-planting efforts. Please pray that, through these men, their families, and ministries, the Word of God would be glorified.

Pastor Gyasi Boateng

“Linda Aduhene had stopped coming to our church. We went to visit her, and she introduced us to her mum [mother], a Muslim! I took this opportunity to witness to her, and after some time, she got saved! Linda’s mum had stopped her from coming to church; but now Linda has started coming to church again, and her mum has visited as well.” – Asawase, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Pastor Richard Buoh

“During soul winning, we met Victoria at a hair salon. She listened intently to the Gospel and asked a lot of questions. After she received the Gospel, I invited her to our church, but she said she was a choir member at her church. But a week later, she visited our church. After the service she said the message that I preached was great, and she was glad about salvation, free for all mankind!” – Trede, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Pastor Christian Gafatsi

“I met Stephen in a barbering shop. At first he told me he was trusting his good works to get him to Heaven. After I preached the Gospel to him, he trusted Jesus Christ alone as his Saviour. He concluded by saying that now he is going to Heaven by faith, not by his works. Eunice Kporxa has started soul winning with us and has joined the choir. She brought her husband to church last week. I thank God for her growth.” – Bediako, Tema, Ghana

Pastor Joseph Kerkulah

“Two weeks ago I travelled to Yarkpan Village, about 20 miles from Daniel Town. Before reaching the village, I was soaked because the rain had fallen all day. Many were gathered in the village when I arrived because they could not go to their farms due to the heavy rain. I used the time to preach the Gospel, and all listened well. After the message 13 people raised their hands to indicate they had trusted Christ for salvation. Please pray that God will allow us to start a home Bible study in Yarkpa Village.” – Daniel Town, Grand Bassa, Liberia

Pastor Isaac Kwaw

“Mr. John Carr was attending a Charismatic church when we reached him with the Gospel. After several months he switched to our church and even started accompanying me to Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. He has nearly completed his diploma of pastoral studies. He teaches Sunday school in my church and goes soul winning with me. He testifies that a recent college chapel sermon by Pastor Rexford Aning convicted him of the need to be a more consistent soul winner. Praise the Lord! For He is good; His mercy endureth forever!” – Obuasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana