Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Reports From Four ChurchesPraise the Lord for the souls being saved and converts being discipled through the ministries of these pastors.

Pastor Collins Agyei

“Yaw Boakye is our church mason. Ever since he got saved, he has brought all his family to the church. I was able to win his wife and children to Christ. He loves going soul winning with me every Tuesday and comes to prayer meetings on Friday. Osei Kofi is from the nearby village of Abono. He trusted Christ recently and has visited our church.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Christian Gafatsi

“I met Mr. Kojo Adjetey in a car [taxi] and presented the Gospel to him. He believed and trusted Christ Jesus as his personal Saviour. Mr. Kojo visited our church, and after that, I followed up on him for the following two weeks. He showed up again and has now remained in the church. Mr. Kojo has been a member of our church for a month and half now. Let’s pray that the Lord would continually do His great work in our church. Let’s pray for God’s wisdom, knowledge, grace, and mercy for me and my family.” – Heaven’s Praise Baptist Church, Bediako, Tema, Ghana [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor George Menyon

“With the help of God, the Bible college is still ongoing, with a total enrollment of twenty-three students. Two of the students have surrendered to go and start some churches in the Southeastern region of Liberia, where there are absolutely no independent, fundamental Baptist churches. Please pray for our church building project. We have four more pillars to complete before we can lay the slab, which will be the ceiling for the first floor and the floor for the second. The cost of materials for this portion is $8,000; we are depending on the Lord to help with this amount.” – Grand View Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia [Pastor Menyon graduated from our Bible college in September 2009. In July 2011, he returned to Liberia. Pastor Menyon has now had a part in starting 17 churches in Liberia.]

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu

“Oppong Opoku is a pastor of a “Deeper Life” church. He was believing in salvation by works of righteousness. However, I shared the Gospel with him. In addition to other verses, I quoted for him Titus 3:5 and Ephesians 2:8-9. He changed his mind to accept that only faith in Jesus can save a person. At my invitation, Pastor Opoku attended the Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference held by the Fundamental Baptist Church International, pastored by Missionary Ted Speer. He was blessed by the topics that were taught and promised to be with us whenever we are having any program.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Kuntanase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Osei-Owusu received a certificate from our Bible college in December 2011.]

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