Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Pastor Paykai in LiberiaSpotlight on Team Ghana’s Church Plants – July 2014

Report from Pastor Menyon: A New Church Started by Pastor Paykai

“Pastor Augustine Paykai is a friend who was already in the ministry before I moved back to Liberia. He was one of the men who helped me start Grandview Baptist Church. Later we started the Calvary Baptist Church, and Bro. Paykai became the pastor of that church for two years. Recently Bro. Paykai has started Grace Baptist Church in Scleapea, Nimba County, and he has turned Calvary Baptist Church over to another pastor—Erascos Domah. Furthermore, Bro. Paykai also has a Prison Ministry, in which he preaches to prisoners twice every month, and he also has the opportunity to teach the Bible on radio every Sunday evening. Pastor Paykai is very faithful, and the Lord is blessing his ministry.”

Report from Pastor Boateng:  My Wife’s Friend

“My wife and I went out with the kids, and we stopped by a store to get some cookies for them. When we got to the store, my wife recognized the store owner as an old friend of hers, and she introduced me. Her name was Matilda, and I witnessed to her. Matilda made a profession of faith in Jesus. My wife told me she was one of her best friends, and she is so happy she got saved.

“I have been training three men at the church in Kokoben—Nana Kwame, Daniel Asante, and Yaw Boateng—for the past few months. Recently these men came to me and told me that they want to start a Bible study in their area on the weekdays. I was very happy to hear that.

“I went for a funeral of one of my church members. I had the opportunity to preach at the burial service, and several people raised their hands and made a profession of faith through Jesus Christ. After the funeral one man named Bro. Kwaku Manu came to me and told me how the message had touched his heart. He got saved and came to church the following Sunday.”

Report from Pastor Gafatsi:  I Won a Brother to Christ

“I went out soul winning these past few Saturdays, and I met a man who bears this same surname as I—Johnson Gafatsi. We had a very good time chatting for a while, and I won him to Christ. Johnson visited me the following Sunday. Since then both of us have been spending a lot of time together, and I am helping him to know more about Christ. Johnson has now started going soul winning with me. I enjoy spending time with him.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for Team Ghana and for our church-planting efforts!