Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight:  Opportunities to Share the GospelYour support for missions is being multiplied here in West Africa. Men have been trained and sent out to reach others for Christ. Please pray for these men, their ministries, and their families.

Pastor Collins Agyei

“This past month, our church’s emphasis was on marriage in order to help people having challenges with their marriages. By the grace of God, many couples renewed their commitment to serve God with their lives. Mr. Osei Boahene trusted the Lord Jesus Christ when the Gospel was presented to him. We also started a program called ‘A Soul a Week.’ We have had 10 visitors to our church this past month as a result. Mr. Obeng Mensah, one of the visitors, is now attending church regularly.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Christian Gafatsi

“I met Enam Dunyo, a member of New World Vision Ministry, in front of my house, and he gave me their tract. I asked him to come later so that we could discuss the tract. The tract talked about living a righteous life and doing good works to go to God. This made me realize that he believed in works salvation. Enam came on the agreed day with his junior brother Jonathan, and I used the opportunity to present the Gospel to them. Upon hearing the truth from the Bible, they realized that what they believed and had been teaching was false, and they made a decision to place their faith in Jesus alone for their salvation.” –Heaven’s Praise Baptist Church, Bediako, Tema, Ghana [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Robert Gayflor

“Some soul winners from our church made a trip to a distant town where there is neither church nor mosque, and we preached the Gospel to the people of this town. Many people from the town, including the town chief, accepted Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. They were excited that we cared about them enough to visit them and spend time with them. The chief told us he wants us to start a church in his town. Pray with us that we will be able to start a church in this community.” – Mercy Baptist Church, Gba, Bong County, Liberia [Our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, met Brother Gayflor in 2012, and trained him for two years in soul winning and church planting.]

Pastor David Pentsil

“We started a new church at Aputuogya from a Bible study I have been running for some time now. We had 25 people in attendance the first Sunday, with 5 of them being visitors. On the second and third Sundays, we had 4 and 5 visitors respectively. All the visitors were given the Gospel, and they trusted Jesus as their Saviour. It is our prayer that they will continue coming and that this church will continue growing.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Feyiase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Pentsil graduated from our Bible college in June 2012.]

Pastor Moses Quegbaye

“Glory be to God for salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! My wife and I shared the Gospel with Salim Rahi (a Muslim) and Sekou Kanneh. Both men trusted Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The two families are now attending church services and soul-winning meetings.” Mid-Independent, Tappita, Nimba County, Liberia [Pastor Quegbaye serves as the assistant pastor at Grand View with our graduate, Pastor George Menyon]

Thank you for your support for our church-planting efforts through your prayers or financial support for Adopt-A-Village (#6150), Team Ghana (#6100), or for specific national pastors. Fruit is abounding to your account!