Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Mr. Antwi Brings His FamilySpotlight on Team Ghana’s Church Plants – October 2014


Rexford Aning of Sunyani, Ghana

Linda Was Invited to Join Eternity

“Recently Dominic and I went to visit our new converts—Nicholas, Kelvin, and Patrick. I had talked to these three men about salvation two weeks ago and they visited me at church, but I wanted to follow up with them and also talk to them about baptism. A girl named Linda, one of their sisters, kept interrupting me by talking to the men as I was talking, and I did not like it. I later realized that she was interested in what I was saying about the Bible, but she felt like she was not invited into the conversation. I asked her to join us, which she did. I was able to witness to her, and she got saved.”


David Pentsil of Feyiase, Ghana

Gideon and Prince

“Musa Mohammed is a Muslim I met in a taxi a few weeks ago. I started talking to him about salvation. We couldn’t finish our conversation in the car; but, God being so good, we all got out of the taxi at the same place. Then I took two hours to explain salvation to him. Musa got saved.”


Thomas Asare of Foase, Ghana

Mr. Antwi Brought His Wife and Children

“Godfred is a Northerner, and he attended Freedom Baptist Church at Foase. I met him on his way from church and witnessed to him. Godfred made a profession of faith through Jesus Christ. He came to visit me at church the following Sunday. Recently I have been going through the discipleship lessons with him, and we are now on lesson twelve. My new convert, Mr. Antwi, brought his wife and other three children to church this past Sunday. Mr. Antwi was reached not long ago, but he is growing in the Lord.”


Philip Gafatsi of Volta, Ghana

My Parents Got Saved

“Recently I invited my parents over to my house to spend some time with me and my family. We had a meal together. While eating, I took the opportunity to witness to them. My parents made a profession of faith through Jesus. Praise the Lord! I met Agnes not long ago at her house during my Saturday visitations. Agnes was washing her clothes, but she was able to listen to me. I then witnessed to her, and she got saved.”
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