Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight:  Joy in Soul WinningSpotlight on Team Ghana’s Church Plants

Training Kings and Queens

Report From Pastor Thomas Asare: “By God’s grace, I can now preach to the people of Foase through an information center (loudspeaker) in the area. I am so happy for this opportunity. Once every month I get the opportunity to preach in a school. In March I ministered in Mac Senior High School, and about 150 students raised their hands and made a profession of faith through Jesus. I have started a new children’s program on Saturdays at 2 p.m. The program is called ‘Training Kings and Queens.’ I teach the children about the young characters in the Bible and try to encourage them to grow in the Lord. Glory be to God!”

My Son, Blessing

Report From Pastor Collins Agyei:  “This past month my family and I went to help Pastor Jonas Osei Owusu for a weekend. That Sunday the church’s number increased, and many people got saved. Also, my son Blessing has been a great help to the ministry. He never misses a chance to share the Gospel with someone, and he is growing so much in his spiritual life. I believe that someday soon Blessing will have the privilege to be a preacher. My prayer for him is that God will give him the strength to keep the zeal to the end.”

Pastor Collins Agyei and Family Visit

Report From Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu:  “Greetings from Fundamental Baptist Church of Kuntanase. This past month Pastor Collins Agyei and his family came to pay a three-day visit to my ministry. They came on a Friday, and we were able to go soul wining in the area on that Friday evening. On the next day which was Saturday, Pastor Agyei and I went for a funeral of one of my church members. I had the opportunity to preach, and many people made a profession of faith through Jesus. After the preaching we were able to win several more souls to Christ. Some of the people we talked to showed up in church the next day. Our number on that day was up 18 from our average. God is good!”

David Finally Came to Church!

Report From Pastor Rexford Aning:  “My wife Deborah and I are always excited to go out and win souls for Christ. Recently I went to visit a church member in his house, and I met his brother whose name was David. I witnessed to David, and he made a profession of faith in Christ. I kept encouraging him to visit our church, but he told me he was busy on Sundays. However, a month later David showed up in church with his brother; I was very happy to see him. When I asked him a few questions about his salvation, David gave the right answers! What a hope we have in Jesus and the joy we get in soul winning!

Thank you for your prayers and support for Team Ghana and for our church-planting efforts!