Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: He Saw the DifferenceYour support for missions is being multiplied here in West Africa. Men have been trained and sent out to reach others for Christ. Please pray for these men, their ministries, and their families.

Pastor Kingsley Addai

“Benjamin Aboagye is a young man who trusted Christ as his Saviour a few months ago. He saw the difference between his former church and our church and chose to be part of our church. He has been faithful ever since and has completed the first level of our discipleship lessons. He has also been faithful to win souls every week. He has now enrolled in Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. I am so happy for how he is growing in the Lord. Pray with us that our church members will continue to grow and win more souls and that God would provide for us to put up a church building on our church land.”– Fundamental Baptist Church, Mamponteng, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Addai graduated from our Bible college in February 2018. He started the church in Mamponteng in 2019. Team Ghana is raising money to build a building for this new church:]

Pastor Collins Agyei

“Akua Achiaa is growing in the Lord. She got saved two weeks ago at her house when I visited her. Because of the closure of churches, she comes to the mission house every day to pray with us and study the Bible. March 15 was a big day in our church. We went out for soul winning and visitation. Fourteen persons got saved, and four were baptized. Let’s pray so that God will fight COVID-19 for us.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Christian Gafatsi

“Every day I call my members to see how they are doing in this time of the Coronavirus disease. Praise be to God for one of my old converts, Mr. Francis Dotsey! Before I met this man, he abused alcohol. After I witnessed to him, he accepted Christ. He made a decision to join our church, but he did not come regularly; when he did come, he was late. But now for about six months, he has been punctual in church attendance. He even comes early to help tidy up the place where we have the service. Please pray for Mr. Dotsey. Pray also that God would do great things with our church and that God would have mercy on the world and drive the Coronavirus away from the earth.” – Heaven’s Praise Baptist Church, Bediako, Tema, Ghana [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Emmanuel Zobueh

“My wife and I go soul winning and preach the Gospel to many people at homes, schools, playgrounds, and other public places. Recently, my wife met her childhood friend by the name of Esther Nyemah. We preached to her, and she got saved. She is now an active member in the church. She brought her husband and children to the church, and they are now saved and baptized.” – Soul Harbor Baptist Church, Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia [Our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, trained Pastor Zobueh in soul winning and worked with him to start this church.]

Thank you for your support for our church-planting efforts through your prayers or financial support for Adopt-A-Village (#6150), Team Ghana (#6100), or for specific national pastors. Fruit is abounding to your account!