Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Divine AppointmentsPlease rejoice with us over this good news from several of our church plants. Pray for these men, if you will.

Pastor Paul Aduo

“I met Maame Abena and her family. With them was Rahida, a Muslim, and her two children. I spoke to them the Word of God, and they trusted Christ. Since their conversion, they have been faithful to church and have been baptized. Others baptized recently include Sister Rose and two children, Richard, and Kwaku John.” – Jesus Only Baptist Church, Kunsu, Ghana [Pastor Aduo is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, a ministry of Fundamental Baptist Church International, Kumasi, Ghana.]

Pastor Isaac Akwaboah

“I went to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to visit a sick church member several weeks ago. As I was leaving, I met Kofi Daniel who had just visited a family member in the hospital. As we were walking together, I started a conversation with him about the Gospel. He believed that one is saved through Christ plus one’s own righteousness. Due to Daniel’s interest in the subject, we found a place to sit down. He had the Bible on his phone, so I took him through the salvation plan. In short, Daniel trusted Christ as his Saviour. He has now become a member of our church and has decided to follow the Lord in baptism.” – City Baptist Church, Agric-Nwamase, Kumasi, Ghana [Pastor Akwaboah is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa.]

Pastor Richard Buoh

“On Tuesday, I went to visit one of my church members named Godwin. When I arrived at his place, I asked a hairdresser at a nearby hair salon about Godwin’s whereabouts. After she told me where Godwin was, I proceeded to ask her about her salvation. Her name was Patience Ayin. After hearing the Gospel, she decided to trust Christ as her Saviour. She also asked me to share this great news with her family. Praise the Lord for saving this lady! Amen.” – Fundamental Baptist Church of Trede, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Buoh is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa.]

Pastor Alfred Kermen

“Our discipleship class has been fruitful, and 15 persons were saved through the preaching in a mini-crusade. As for the film show, it is our weapon; it was shown in a Muslim community, and it is yielding fruits gradually. Several who trusted Christ have now been baptized and added to the church. Pray for us as we continue working in the Lord’s vineyard.” – Mid-Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bong Village, Liberia [Pastor George Menyon is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. Brother Kermen pastors one of the churches that Pastor Menyon helped to start in Liberia.]

Pastor David Pentsil

“I thank God for saving Sister Serwaa. Brother Prince invited her to church, and she came. The preaching touched her heart. At the invitation, she came forward and trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She was very happy and promised to become a member of the church. We recently had a big day at our church with 12 visitors coming. One of my converts, Ama, surprised me by being the first one at church that Sunday morning. Please pray for me and my family, for more workers, and for us to have God’s wisdom.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Feyiase, Ashanti, Ghana [Pastor Pentsil is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa.]

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