Thank you for partnering with Team Ghana and our church-planting efforts. We hope these testimonies are an encouragement to you. Please pray for these men and their churches.

Pastor Collins Agyei

“Mr. George Owusu of Bekwei is a teacher whom I met on High Street in Bekwei. After I introduced myself to him as a pastor, he invited me to his house. When I went there, I preached the Gospel to him and his wife, and they both trusted Christ. Since then, Mr. Owusu has become a regular church member. He always comes soul winning with me and shows up to our prayer meetings and other activities.” – Bekwei, Ashanti Region, Ghana

from Cornerstone Baptist - Foase visit FBCI Kumasi

Several Members from Cornerstone Baptist – Foase visit FBCI Kumasi

Pastor Thomas Asare-Broni

“On a recent Sunday, Pastor Asare brought his most faithful church members to Fundamental Baptist Church International in Kumasi. (See picture on the right.) His church had 7 people ready for baptism, and instead of baptizing in a nearby river, Pastor Asare asked to use our baptistery. To see such fruit from one of our church plants was a real encouragement to our church.” – Foase, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Fundamental Baptist Church of Asawase Group Photo

In December 2015, the Fundamental Baptist Church of Asawase celebrated their 5th anniversary.

Pastor Gyasi Boateng

“Mr. Kwabena Yeboah is a professional barber who works near our house. I took my kids to his shop; when their haircuts were almost done, I questioned Mr. Yeboah about his salvation. He told me that one has to practice the deeds of the laws to go Heaven. I took him to Ephesians 2:8-9 and explained that salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus. He understood and placed his faith in Christ Jesus for salvation.” (On the left is a picture of Pastor Gyasi’s church on their 5th anniversary.)Asawase, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Pastor Philip Gafatsi

“Recently I took a taxi to the larger city of Ho. I preached to the driver, Stephen Gamor, on the way; and he accepted Christ. Praise the Lord! He also joined us for church on a recent Sunday. Pray for Eli Awudey. He is a young convert who has been faithful in coming to church and soul winning. He has also shared the Gospel with his parents.” – Sokode, Volta Region, Ghana

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu

“Acheampong Manu is a student in junior high school. I met him and his mother and shared the Gospel with them. He is now a regular attender of the services. He has determined to serve the Lord with his life. He has gotten involved in church activities, like moving concrete blocks to the lot where we hope to build a church building.” – Kuntenasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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