Summer of Miracles!

For my family and Team Eurasia, this is truly shaping up to be a summer of miracles. We’ve seen so many answers to prayer, and some of them have been truly amazing. One answer to prayer should result in some financial breathing room. After three years on our new field, we have finally been able to sell our home in Indiana. Another exciting development is the arrival of another family to work with us on the field. They have been here less than two weeks and already have housing, utilities, cell phones, a local bank account, and the private health insurance required for our area. Acquiring such items quickly in this country is truly a miracle. I recently completed my first phase of language studies and am now trying to pass on what I have learned to our newest team members.

The greatest miracle for which one can work and pray is the miracle of souls saved. We are enjoying a good increase in this department as well. During a recent five-week stretch, we saw someone saved every week. Please join with us in prayer for those who have received Jesus. Pray also for a lady who raised her hand in one of our services indicating she knows that she needs to be saved, but who has not yet received the free gift. Pray for a dear man who sat in our home and was brought to tears by the Gospel, but who is still contemplating. Pray for many others to whom we have been witnessing. As our language skills improve, so do our soul-winning opportunities.

One of the couples that works on our team was recently told that their visas could not be renewed, and they were given only a few short days to get out of the country. We sent the wife over the border briefly, while flying the husband back to their homeland for another type of visa. He was denied. Humanly speaking, it looked impossible for them to stay. I picked him up upon his return and took him back to his apartment, telling him, “We are still asking God for a miracle.” The next day a courier serviceman rang his doorbell and, without explanation, handed him a packet containing a residency visa.

More miracles are needed! Residency visas for Westerners living in our city have gotten very complicated. We are now being advised that we may each need to purchase property in order to be able to stay long-term, but we only have a short window of time to accomplish this goal. If God lays it on anyone’s heart to assist in this project, we may even be able to turn it into some investment capital for those who donate. Contact me at ******

In closing, I still have two open midweek services in October while my family and I are in the States briefly for my daughter’s wedding. We will be in the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois area. If you are interested in our reporting to your congregation, please contact me at the same email address given above. More than anything, pray for many more souls in this area that is 99% Muslim.

Missionary #6501