Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Growth in Several AreasTeam Growth

Four days ago, it was my privilege to pick up another family at the airport. The family is being accommodated in the apartment we own. Team Eurasia is now comprised of 10 adults, 4 teens, and 9 children, all working for a common goal. Please pray earnestly for this newest family. They have only one month to obtain their residency visas. We are delighted to welcome them. Pray also for their language acquisition. We all struggle with this, as our field is home to one of the most difficult languages in the world. Please pray for other friends, who are visiting us and praying about serving in our area.

Internet Growth

As you may recall, we launched the “Help Them Hear” project just a few months ago. Generous believers gave over 200% of our goal, meaning we can go far beyond our original plans. The entire New Testament is online in a searchable format. The entire New Testament is online as a free download. The entire New Testament has been added to e-Sword. Book by book, the New Testament is being posted as an audio file. The entire book of John is the first to be offered in an audio-visual file, meaning people can see each verse appear on a scroll as they listen to the words being read. On the same website, several tracts are being made available. Just recently we posted a 15-minute movie, which presents the good news of eternal life. The site has already had well over 1,000 hits, and we expect that to grow exponentially as the site continues to expand. My YouTube channel, Answers from Scripture, is also growing slowly, but steadily. We invite you to check that out. It is in English.

Spiritual Growth

I am thrilled to watch our people, both team members and church members, grow spiritually. They are praying together more than ever before. They are sharing the Gospel more than ever before. They are dealing with hardship and adversity with greater patience and spiritual maturity. I am watching the teens and children become more involved—not only involved in the services, but in getting the good news into the hands of their neighbors and friends. More than ever in our team history, people are hearing the Gospel. Pray for fruit. Pray for more fruit. Pray for much fruit. Pray for fruit that remains. Pray for fruit that abounds to your account.

We are considering the possibility of a family furlough in February and March. Let us know if you would be interested in our visiting your church. We are also praying about hosting another conference next year here on the field. Thanks for your prayers and generosity.

Missionary #6501