Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Return to My Humble Beginnings

Return to My Humble Beginnings

Greetings from California, where we have reunited with my spiritual takeoff center, Victory Baptist Church of Brentwood, California. The area has changed so much in 12 years, but the church remains the same, built on the Word of God and all the treasures therein. It was in this area, upon selling the house, resigning from the company, and moving off to Bible college, that my realtor said with tears, “I wish someone would go help those dear people in Thailand.” This was in December of 2004 when the tsunami struck Thailand and took thousands of lives. Although at this point I had no intentions of being a missionary, my first semester changed that personal motive into the Lord’s motive.

Up to the point of moving out of California, my pastor, Walter Santos, had been discipling me and encouraging my growth in the Lord. He was an excellent example for me, as he also went to Bible college later on in life and, by God’s grace, started the church here shortly after graduation in 1998. Upon our return here and fulfilling our deputation path, it has been a joy to go soul winning in this area and spend time with Pastor Santos and his family of six. Our first evening out soul winning, I was able to lead 4 teenagers to the Lord, later leading the mom of one of those teenagers to the Lord. All of this happened in less than an hour, which may have been some of the most encouraging soul winning I’ve done since returning to the States. Praise the Lord!

Two more fortifying meetings, with wonderful fellowship and friendship, included preaching and presenting for Pastor Luis Ramos Sr. of Castro Valley, California, and Pastor William Wallace of Marina, California. We also participated in an action-packed missions conference with Pastor Bill Bryson of Pleasanton, California, full of amazing preaching by Dr. Snyder and a lot of encouragement in the Lord. For a special activity, the ladies shopped, the kids played, and the men shot guns, including Pastor Bryson’s .357. We stayed with the Williford family, who have been serving the Lord for decades.

On the way out to California, we were able to visit churches in Nevada, eventually fulfilling scheduled meetings in Arizona. Liberty Baptist Church, Pastor Joe Elwell and Pastor Tom McConkey, conducted their 2nd Annual Missions Conference. We had the pleasure of staying with the Lucas family, newer members. Brother Lucas had been a missionary in Asia for over 10 years, and his son Michael is following the Lord to go into missions also. During the conference I had the joy of leading Eleena to the Lord on Saturday morning with my son Forest. Her family was Catholic, but she was simply seeking truth from the Bible, not a type of church or denomination. She found the truth and accepted it with happiness.

Later in the week, we had a wonderful meeting with Pastor Tim Coleman of Liberty Baptist Church, Phoenix, Arizona. We presented and Pastor Tim continued an in-depth series on Proverbs. All fellowshipped late into the evening, sharing the many happenings of the ministry and the paths the Lord directs us to. What a blessing. Thank you for praying for our safety and schedule. Please pray for member and church growth in Thailand.

Grateful to serve, Chad Inman and Family USA: 1-270-702-3357 695 AG Daniel Road, Hartford, KY 42347

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