Brian George Prayer Letter: National Fires of Evangelism Conference!

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November is the month of the national pastors’ conference at our church. We love pastors! Our only hope to reach Argentina for Christ is to train and work with national pastors! Our conference this year was November 12-16. Our goal was to h [...]


Charlie Vest Prayer Letter: Little Did We Know . . .

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I have intentionally delayed sending a letter update because I wanted to wait until after a recent pastors’ conference we held on at the island of Mindoro. During the time since our last letter, I also had to fly back to the U.S. for my you [...]


Paul Lung Prayer Letter: The Lord Has Blessed Our Ministries

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Sweet December to all our friends and supporting churches. Praying friends, may the joy and peace of His love be upon you and your family, the church, and your loved ones. Our God has been so good to us, leading us till today to do His work [...]

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