The following ministries and businesses offer services related to vehicles for missionaries. Some provide affordable rental or lease options, while others offer vehicles for purchase or mechanical services. Please be aware that, although some of these ministries are highly recommended by our missionaries, all of these organizations have different policies and requirements, and none of them are affiliated with First Baptist Church or its ministries. We do not officially endorse any of these ministries, and you must choose wisely when making decisions about a vehicle. Please read their websites carefully and communicate with them clearly to ensure you have found a good fit for you.

For more information about missionaries and their vehicles, please read this helpful article here.

Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry

Righteous Rides

Furlough Ministries

Go Ye Transportation Ministry

Ministry Motors

The Car Ministry

The Lighthouse Baptist Ministries

Missionary Ministries

TECH Team Advantage

Grace Corporation

The Macedonian Call Foundation of Texas

Macedonian Call Foundation of South Carolina