This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.


Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


Anglea, Ben & Ashley—Madagascar (medical furlough): *Praise: safe arrival of Sadie Joyce Anglea on Feb 10; *preparation for April arrival of another missionary family in Madagascar; *preparation (translation, etc.) of 6 courses for Bible institute this year; *March 20 return to Madagascar (Sadie’s passport and visas by no later than March 15)

Baker, Keith & Theresa—Haiti (States): His treatment of kidney stones

Combe, David & Holly—Mexico City: Special prayer request

Davis, Tim & Annie—Myanmar [Burma] (deputation): *Praise: safe arrival of twin daughters (Annie’s recovery); *deputation meetings (safe travels; rest of the year’s schedule to fill quickly)

DeMoville, Randy & Kelly—Team Indo-Phil: Church member Bernie (9, fatherless), born with a tumor on his face; pressure from tumor pressing on the back of his skull, making it difficult for him to sleep, affecting his vision, and will live to only 15 if he doesn’t get the surgery needed (may be able to get the surgery but needs $ for other expenses and medicines)

Downs, James & Carletta—Ethiopia: *Praise: able to move to a more secure area in town; *$520/mon rent for their small meeting place in the city; *daughter Abigail battling allergies; *God’s power, guidance, and protection; *laborers to Ethiopia

Missionary 6505—Team Eurasia (deputation): *Upcoming meetings from New York to California (praise: 85%+ support); *Feb 17 Preliminary Exit Interview; *for good prices for airline tickets to the field; *balance of $3k for used vehicle for the field

Foust, Zach & Karin—Team Peru: Praise: their church’s 4th anniversary had 100 adults + teens and kids; 13 saved, 4 baptized

Goodpaster, Nathan & Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough): *Jonathan’s chemo treatments; *Nathan’s Feb 15 trip to the Philippines; *praise: able to raise $ for a 3-year-old in Missionary Eddie Galyean’s church for brain-tumor surgery (for God to open the door for them to have a medical-missions outreach ministry in the Philippines); *the Bolton family’s early Jan thru mid-April care of the church (main church taking a hit in attendance, for God to protect His church); *$500 for mini-truck for their mission church; *future need: raise $25k-50k for 2-story SS building project (raised $3500 thus far)

Gutierrez, Mike & Phylissa―MVP to Guatemala (Wilders): *Short Stateside trip to care for paperwork and his health; *find answers for his health issues

Holmes, Mark & Sabrina—Nigeria: *Her mother’s home renovation (due to flood damage) to be completed soon; *Sidney (Sonny) & Dianne McGuffee, who filled in for them during furlough, to become missionaries in Nigeria, work with the Holmes, help with church planting, start more youth camps throughout Africa (deputation through June 2018); *the 32 churches started through their ministry, with the help of CORE ministry

Johnston, Brian & Rachel—Canada:  *Recovery from his Feb 14 hernia surgery; *church participation in setup and cleanup for services

Kaighen, Dan & Carrie (Suhl)—Mexico/Bible Distribution Center:  *Feb 21 trip to Mexico to distribute Bibles to national pastors and missionaries on Feb 23; *Dan, as he preaches Feb 22 in Wed night service; *April 17-29 trip to India (his preaching in three pastors’ conferences and one couples’ conference; her work to purchase BEAMS Bibles for the nationals); *to help start churches in Mexico by serving national pastors with Bibles, Gospel tracts, and financial support

Kimmel, TJ & Christa—CORE Ministry (World Missions): *Effort to start representing 27 national pastors in extremely remote villages in Myanmar; *upcoming trips to Cuba and the Philippines

Lemma, Mike & Lidia—Mexico: Son Stephen (Stateside) having kidney problems at age 23

Martinez, Luis & Carol—Puerto Rico: *Their trip to Hammond in March for our Missions Conf (travel safety); *laborers; *church growth

Murillo, Robert & Joy—Mexico: Praise: missionary evangelistic rallies with Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff had 100+ workers from 3 different churches and had 1700 attendance with 1350 saved (follow up)

Nordman, John & Gwen―Australia: *His healing from bone cancer; *finances; *need new housing by last of March

Osgood, Charles & Lindsey—Team Ghana: Returned to field Feb 10

Patterson, Bill & Marcy—Bible Translation (Stateside): *Preparation for the 51st Mount Abarim Conference for World Evangelism; *to correct the typesetting text of the Mongolian New Testament; *plans for 2017: +presenting the ministry of Mount Abarim to churches; +seeking missionary candidates; +preaching on missions; +mentoring future Bible translators; +Scripture distribution campaign in Mongolia; +visiting several missionaries on the field; *new opportunity, beginning late January, of teaching translation principles several times at a Bible translation institute in Mexico

Pattison, Chris & Rebecca—Philippines: *Praise: trip to the field was the best flying experience they ever had; *quick transition to the field

Richey, Andy & Connie—Team East Africa (deputation):  *Preparation for late spring departure for the field; *to reach full support

Runyon, Dean & Patty—Guyana, SA (medical furlough): *His recovery from surgery; *upcoming furlough

Siemer, Dan*—FBMI Director of Field Services, Medical Advisor: Healing of his fractured vertebra

Snipes, Jeremy—FBMI Collegiate Director, Field Service Coordinator: His mother’s health (blood clots)

Steers, Andrew & Laura―Australia: *That new converts will come to church and get baptized and grow in the Lord; *reach more of the seasonal workers with the Gospel; *his health issues to get resolved ASAP (moderate form of sleep apnea, further testing)

Williams, Michael & Brooke—GEMS Ministry‒Ghana: The sandstorms of the Harmattan season

Wilson, Robert & Anny—Mexico: *More church vehicles; *$50k for $112k loan for purchase of house next to church (Pastor Noonan and his church will match dollar per dollar up to $10k from other supporting churches donating before March 31); *safety

Wyatt, Jerry Jr & Rachel—Tanzania (furlough): *Daughter Sarah, as she begins her new phase of life as a college student; *the schedule for the remaining months they are here in the States (for opportunities in new churches)