Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter:  Summer Surge, Summer Slump, Summer ServiceFewer students attend our language service center in the summer. One would expect the opposite, as the summer months are when people have more time. The extra time, however, afforded people in the summer becomes filled with vacations and diversions to the point that little else gets accomplished. This summer “slump” has also affected our Sunday services. That fact admitted, we nonetheless had an unexpected surge one Sunday. If you have ever been around pastors, you have noticed that they all say the same thing. They say, “If everyone ever showed up on the same Sunday, we’d have a great crowd.” Well, that elusive hypothetical finally came to pass! One Sunday this summer, everyone showed up on the same Sunday. There was no special speaker; there was no meal after the service; there was no promotion. By some coincidence, everyone who comes even somewhat frequently showed up on the same Sunday, and every seat in our little auditorium was filled. It was most encouraging.

This summer has brought with it additional blessings to our ministry. Some guests came from Texas and brought some much-needed baptismal robes. I had a huge supply of these in the previous country where I served, but I had none of them here. We are so pleased to have these. Another guest came from Indiana and gave us a beautiful set of Lord’s Supper equipment. It was interesting to receive two separate and unsolicited gifts—both pertaining to the ordinances of the church. And speaking of ordinances, one of the purposes of any church is to ordain elders who can in turn start additional churches. Our little church is now blessed with two men who are feeling the call of God to preach. Pray that we will be instrumental in their training for this important task.

Some of our workers from Mexico are scheduled to return soon. Pray that they are able to get here in time for the Workers’ Camp we are hosting in October. We are offering a camp with the specific purpose of training and orientation for those who believe God may be calling them to a “closed” country. We have about 25 signed up for camp and hope to do this again every couple of years, Lord willing.

I just returned from traveling overseas. One purpose of this trip was to get my son to Bible college. Another purpose of the trip was to connect people who have the shared goal of getting the Gospel to the entire world. While I was trying to serve others and minister to them, I felt God doing a work in my own heart as well. Even those of us who have given our lives for this all-important task need to have the embers stirred and the flames rekindled. My family and I love serving where God has placed us. We appreciate your support. We pray often to the Lord of the harvest for fruit, more fruit, much fruit, fruit that remains, fruit that abounds to your account!

Missionary #6501