Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Our Amazing GodHe Is Omniscient

There are too many attributes of God to highlight in a single newsletter. We could dwell on His eternality, His immutability, or His sinless perfection, just to get started; but I want us to focus our attention on the three “O” words: His omniscience, His omnipotence, and His omnipresence. In a world confused by misinformation, God knows everything. He not only knows who voted for whom, He knows how many hairs were on each voter’s head at the time of the vote. He has bottled up every tear and kept record of them in His Book. He knows the members in the womb before the baby is fashioned. He knows our works, good and bad. He keeps track of our words—even the idle ones. Nothing escapes His attention. As I see the evidence of political corruption everywhere, I long for the day when the secrets are made manifest and the hidden things are made known. Even between now and then, I take comfort in knowing that He knows. He that judges righteously knows what has been done, and He knows what to do about it.

He Is Omnipotent

Few times as a father have I felt as helpless as I felt a few weeks ago. My third-to-youngest child was on an elevator. He had taken some of his toys with him and had placed his foot in the crack between the front of the elevator and the wall so the toys wouldn’t fall down into the shaft. He didn’t realize that as the elevator reached the next floor, his foot would be trapped, and the elevator would keep moving. Our whole family could hear his terrified screams as the flesh began to be ripped away from his foot, yet there was nothing we could do to get to him. Our all-powerful God was clearly protecting one of His own. I think the doctor was as amazed as we were as he examined the x-rays and found not a single bone had been broken. The healing process will be long, but evidently no permanent damage was done. In fact, our son was walking again within a couple of weeks.

He Is Omnipresent

Some of our latest blessings in the ministry have reminded me of God’s ability to work everywhere in the world at the same time. Our little meeting room has been filled on recent Sundays. One Sunday we had people from five different continents and a total of eight different countries. One lady who trusted Christ as Saviour at the close of a Sunday service would not even have been here were it not for COVID. She and her husband had come to visit a daughter who had married someone over here; they were to return home months ago. The travel restrictions, however, put in place because of COVID had kept them here. That newly saved lady comes from Lima, Peru, and she is excited about visiting the church we know there when she is finally able to return. I taught a new student this week. He had come to our country from Wuhan, China. While there he met some of our colleagues, and they are the ones who told him about us. I am thrilled to be a part of a team that is working all over the world. May our God, Who is everywhere, increase the laborers in His worldwide harvest.

Missionary #6501