Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Busiest Quarter All YearFrom our previous field, we reported every six weeks. As each newsletter from here represents a risk, we have chosen to report quarterly. Well, the last three months have been so filled with activity (not to mention earthquakes) that it is hard to know where to begin. I actually spent two weeks in the U.S. I had the opportunity to preach in a conference at our home church, as well as preach in other churches. During the two weeks, I was in more than a dozen states, and I dropped off one of our sons to begin Bible college.

Once back on the field, it was our privilege to welcome a team family back from Mexico. These are dear servants of the Lord who had been on furlough for about seven months. This meant they needed to find housing again and begin the arduous process of seeking new residency permits. Helping facilitate people like this is one of my primary functions at this point in my life and ministry, and I love doing it.

This month we hosted our first-ever Training Camp for those who are already working in or who are considering the possibility of working in a “closed country.” We had a total of 25 delegates, 9 of whom flew in from the United States. There were 5 veterans who served as our instructors for a total of 14 sessions. The food and fellowship were phenomenal. We had early morning prayer meetings and evening preaching sessions. The camp was primitive but adequate, and everyone had a great spirit. After the camp week ended, many of the delegates stayed and helped distribute literature, attended services in a couple of different churches, and also helped our returning workers move into their new apartment.

During this time, I have also made three trips to the city where the Ghanaian Embassy sits, seeking a visa for Ghana, which I finally received. They ended up requiring about 40 documents in all, just for me to visit their country for a single week. Please pray for me next month as I go there to preach and to participate in a think-tank-type conference for people trying to get the Gospel to the whole world.

These activities mentioned above were just the extra activities added to conducting our regular language services and church services and interacting with those around us, trying to reach them with the greatest news ever. We also continue our own language studies and spend time every day on the Bible-translation work as well. We have correspondence daily with people around the world. There have been too many answers to prayer in the last couple of months for me to record in a letter of this nature. Your continued prayers are coveted, as rumors of war in the region permeate the news.

Family News

Much has transpired in our family as well. Hopewell Baptist Church just added us to the list of workers they support. This was very much needed at this time. This month alone, one of our children turned 21, another turned 18, and another 13. Our oldest daughter is expecting our sixth grandchild, and she and her husband are in the process of purchasing a home. Our children on both sides of the sea are consistently seeking to lead people to Christ and often share testimonies of their soul-winning experiences. Few experiences in life, however, top the one we had three nights ago when our oldest granddaughter Skyped to tell us she had just gotten saved!

Missionary #6501