Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Can God Provide? Yes He Can!Thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support! Thank you for your emails and birthday cards for S___ and D___. It is amazing to see the Lord’s provision and the answers to prayer! We are so grateful to be here on your behalf!

Praise the Lord! A lady named J___, whom S___ and I met while out visiting on a Saturday, understood the simplicity of the Gospel and trusted Christ as her Saviour. Her husband B___ also came to the Easter Sunrise Service, but he still needs prayer regarding his salvation. Please continue to pray for this family in their faith. Please also pray for a Sunday morning visitor named Mr. Z___; I was also able to share the Gospel with him, but he has yet to believe. It is exciting to be able to witness, distribute tracts, etc. here on the street without some of the concerns of the Mainland.

A few answers to prayer include the process of being able to drive legally long-term here. With a family our size, it is definitely a very practical help. This past Thursday, we were finally able to complete the process of being able to drive both a motor vehicle, as well as a motor scooter. We had an international permit, but it was of limited duration. We had a certain window of time to get all of the driving items done and all the hoops jumped through. The folks were very helpful, and God was very good to us!

We asked you to pray regarding a vehicle for us. We mentioned the cost as being about US$20,000 to $30,000. Can God provide a vehicle? Yes! He provided two for almost nothing. The church here was in the final process of getting a new church van and allowed us to purchase the old one. When the time came, they wouldn’t take any money from us and just asked us to pay for the registration and such fees for the year, which we would have needed to do anyway! Praise the Lord!

Also, while figuring out the scooter situation, I prayed, asking the Lord for wisdom regarding what He would have us to do. WITHIN 15 to 20 MINUTES, WE HAD BEEN GIVEN ONE! Talk about an answer to prayer! Praise the Lord!

Another answer to a prayer of my wife’s was regarding a bunk bed for the girls, which the Lord gave us.

Another major need I had mentioned was regarding language learning. We needed the right setup to accommodate our needs, and God provided so wonderfully. A trustworthy teacher, Bro. D___, is able to come to our home five days a week and teach us the language. We are able to use a program that fits our biggest needs quite well, and even our younger children are learning, which can be humorous to hear sometimes!

We are just getting widespread COVID here for the first time, and there are many fearful people. Pray that God would use this time as only He can. Please pray for churches, for Christians, and for us to do as the Lord would have us to do. “. . . that with all boldness they [we] may speak thy word.”

Please pray for one of our supporting churches, as their pastor, Gregg Hon, went home to Heaven this past week. Please pray for his family and church during this time.

In His service,

Missionary #6011