Zach Jr. and Cassandra Foust Prayer Letter:  An Amazing Month of BlessingsGod gave us an amazing month of June! Most of you know that we arrived back in the States from Peru on the 30th of May, having spent the last five months there. We hit the ground running with deputation. We were able to be in five churches this month, including one amazing Missions Conference. It has been a lot of travel throughout Indiana and Ohio. We made many friends along the way and were encouraged by so many with a thriving desire to serve the Lord.

We kicked things off with a Missions Conference with Waits Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was able to preach, and Cassandra and I sang and taught. We had a wonderful time. The people were so gracious and friendly! We made many friends there. We traveled back to Indiana to Roanoke Baptist Church, where we saw old friends and were encouraged by faithful servants of Christ. We went to Blessed Hope Baptist in Jasonville, where we saw Pastor Jerry Ross. He was Cassandra’s mom’s bus captain when she was a teenager. It is amazing how the Lord works things out! We traveled to Camby, Indiana, where we spent the day with Pastor Lindsey and Life Line Baptist Church. They were some of the kindest people you will meet! Deputation has been so encouraging,

One of our biggest blessings was being able to stay with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Marion, Indiana, for an entire week and help with their Vacation Bible School and their Family Day on Sunday. We went soul winning with them, rode their buses, and helped set up and clean. We were so excited to see 5 of our own visitors come to church during the week, all of whom got saved. Cassandra and I led a total of 11 people to Christ throughout the week. On Sunday, the mom of one of our visitors came for Family Day. It was a huge blessing to see hard work by so many pay off! The church saw well over 50 people saved that week.

Meanwhile in Peru, exciting things have been happening. You may remember from our last prayer letter that I led a man named Beyker and his wife Jennifer to the Lord about a month before leaving Peru. We had been praying that they would come to church, and we visited them every week. Jennifer finally came the week before we left for our Friend Day service. We were so happy. Her husband still had not come to church. We continued to pray for them as Cassandra and I transitioned back to the States. My dad and other church members continued to visit them. Just this past week, Beyker came with his wife and kids for Goldfish Sunday! It is amazing that God would let us have an influence even though we are not there currently.

Please pray that God would allow us to get through deputation quickly so we can return to the field. There is so much work to be done, and we miss being a part of it. God has blessed us every step of the way, and deputation has been great, but we are ready to go back to Peru.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


Zach and Cassandra Foust