Zach and Cassandra Foust Jr. Prayer Letter: An Amazing Month!God gave us an amazing month of March! We were able to visit many churches and present our ministry to Peru. The Lord provided us with new supporting churches, drawing us nearer to our goal of getting to the field! This month we were able to be in churches in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Our month started in Indiana, where we were able to attend the Spanish Servants’ Conference at our home church of First Baptist Church in Hammond. It was a special blessing to us, as my parents flew in from Peru to be a part of it. We were able to see them for a few days and take them to the airport to see them off.

We left Indiana for Ohio, where we were able to spend a weekend with Grace Baptist Church for their Missions-Emphasis Month. Pastor Waterhouse and his church family took such good care of us. We were able to help with their teen Sunday school, and I was able to preach on Sunday night. We were glad to jump in and be a part of such a friendly church! It was also great to see good friends from Bible college who are serving the Lord faithfully.

We then went to Illinois, where we were able to be with the Spanish church of the First Baptist Church of Danville. We saw our friend, Pastor Noe Menez and his family. During Sunday school, I presented our ministry to Peru, and so many people had great questions about our field! I was graciously allowed to preach for their main service. We met some of the nicest people at their church!

On Saturday, we were able to go soul winning with my brother C.J. on his bus route in Chicago. We helped him as he prepared for Goldfish Sunday the following week. It was a rainy day, but the Lord still gave us many prospects.

The following Sunday, we were at our very own Missions Conference at our home church of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. We were so excited to be a part of our own Missions Conference. This conference was extra special to us, as we were able to see our own friends and family, as well as teachers, Sunday school teachers, and mentors. We heard great preaching from many missionaries, including Dr. Don Sisk. Probably the most memorable part of the conference was the Walk-Up Offering, where we received cards and money from so many of our friends. We were overwhelmed by the love shown to us!
We were also able to take part in many different ministries. I was able to speak to one of our adult Sunday school classes, and Cassandra spoke to the 5th grade Sunday school class. We were able to speak to our high school on Monday, and on Tuesday, I was able to join other missionaries on the radio. On Wednesday, I was able to preach at Hyles-Anderson College chapel along with other missionaries, and in the evening, I gave a special challenge to those participating in our Parade of Nations. On Thursday, Cassandra and I did a special radio interview about our call to missions. Lastly, on Friday, I was able to preach to our grade school!

As you can see, we were blessed to have a very busy month! We cannot say thank you enough for your prayers as we travel on deputation. Praise the Lord that our schedule for the year is filling up, but we still have openings! If your church would like to have us in for deputation, feel free to reach out! We are praying that the Lord would allow us to finish quickly, so that we can get back to Peru!

Thank you for your service to our Lord,

Zach and Cassandra Foust