Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Souls Saved, Baptisms, and Big Days!While my family and I have been in the U.S. on furlough, our church in Bolivia has continued and, in some ways, increased her momentum in serving the Lord. Every month they have had a big day, which has resulted in unifying our church and getting more people involved. In one of the services, they had 16 visitors and 14 saved! Getting baptized in the photos below are a few of the people who were reached in the month of August.

To the right in the center is a picture of Alberto with his wife Victoria (far right) and their daughter Judith. All three are zealous soul winners, dedicated Sunday school teachers, and faithful bus workers; and he is one of our caring bus captains. Alberto has been leading our church while we have been away. He is in love with Jesus and is dedicated to serving Him with his life. He is our weeping prophet because he weeps with a broken heart while he is preaching.

Pictured to the left are some of our people knocking doors and winning souls on just one of our bus routes. In the middle picture, they are organizing in order to cover their area. Many of the workers are the riders who live on the routes and help to reach their own neighborhoods. Each route is responsible for reaching and training their own workers.

The pictures below on the left and right are of our big day in October when again we had several visitors and people saved. The picture in the middle of the young man at the pulpit is of Rodrigo, one of our preacher boys preaching in Junior Church during the same big day. Rodrigo is one of the young men in our church whom I did not train to preach, but the preachers whom I trained are the ones who trained him. When I left on furlough, he was a faithful young man who came to church on a bus route. Now he is an ardent soul winner, a devout bus worker, a Sunday school class helper, and, from what I hear, a powerful preacher.

Thank you for believing and investing in our family to help us fulfill God’s will. Please pray for our safety as we prepare to go back to Bolivia at the end of November. Please also pray that our level of financial support would increase, especially as our family and ministry grow, in order to help us reach more people for the Lord. Finally, please pray for our precious girls as they learn to adjust to the Bolivian culture, language, and people.

Xavier Lopez