Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  New Bigger and Better Location!August found Rebecca and me looking for another place to rent for us to live in when we came across a very large, old house on a huge piece of property. My first impression was that it was way too big for us, but as the owner continued to show us all of the rooms, I realized that it would work for our church. It had 10 rooms perfect for Sunday school classes, a large kitchen, and a huge yard where we can build a structure to hold services. All together the lot is 750 square meters divided in half for the house and the other half for the yard, which makes this location perfect to take our church to the next level of growth.

Once the contract was signed, we began having services there as soon as possible. September was consumed with moving, fixing up the house, painting, and making repairs at the previous location. In the picture to the right, we are tearing down our tabernacle where we served for eight years. We made numerous good memories and saw many lives changed in that old place.

In the same month, I also did the funeral of a church member’s aunt who died of a heart attack. She was only 60 years old. Here in Bolivia it is customary to carry the body for at least a few blocks before burying it in the ground to escort the loved one to the threshold of death. She was saved, but it was still a difficult time for the family.

During October our family traveled to Southern California to raise new support. I preached in several churches, in some conferences, and in a men’s retreat. It was a productive and encouraging time to be used by God to see people saved and called to full-time Christian service. We also had the privilege to go soul winning on bus routes with different churches.

Bonifacio is a 76-year-old campesino (country person) who lives on the steep side of a mountain on one of our bus routes. His wife Rosalia Laura doesn’t even know her own age because she never received a birth certificate. Both of them grew up trusting in Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Tío (the Devil). God helped me witness to them, and they wonderfully trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. They have already visited our church. Please pray that they would continue to grow for the Lord and that God would continue to use us to steal more people from the Devil!

Please pray that the churches where I preached will take us on for much-needed support. Please also pray that God would provide the money to build a new tabernacle so we can hold larger services in our new location. No matter how big our new auditorium is, I believe we are prepared to fill it. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Xavier Lopez