Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter: Answered Prayer, Ordination Service, Souls Saved, Prayer RequestsThank you for investing time and prayer in our family and ministry. In return, I pray God blesses you richly for your concern for those He has called to the mission field. Your “Ministry to Care” encourages and helps us do our part in God’s great plan to strive to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Juana had gone into surgery to correct a hernia. During the operation, she had a heart attack and lapsed into a coma, leaving her unresponsive for two days. A doctor uneasily said, “I’m sorry, but if she does not respond within the following two days, we will have to unplug her from the machines,” which meant imminent death. Some of Juana’s family sobbed uncontrollably, while others angrily clenched their teeth and violently raised their fists at the crushing news. It was Friday night when her brother Armando visited me with an exhausted, vacant stare and asked me to pray. We slowly crept through traffic for two hours until we arrived at the hospital at 9:00 p.m. Juana was connected to machines that were assisting her to stay alive. I had touched her arm and begun fervently praying, when she suddenly jerked herself up with her eyes closed. Being startled, I jumped back! She began moving her arms and then laid back down, staying still. The doctors were speechless as they looked at one another. The next day, she came out of her coma, and Sunday she was sent home. God gloriously shined, as He graciously answered the desperate prayers of this Bolivian family! Please pray for Juana’s health and that she would use her second chance on life to glorify God.

The picture to the left was taken in May after the ordination service for our new pastor, Alberto. It was a privilege to train and work together with him and his family through the years. We share precious memories and look forward to helping each other reach Bolivia with the Gospel! Please pray for God’s blessing on Alberto’s life, family, and ministry.

The end of May was our last Sunday in our church, Iglesia Bautista el Faro. They honored us by having a big day, with many visitors getting saved. They sang to us, shared encouraging words with us, and even made our favorite Bolivian meal. That night I preached to them, and then with broken hearts, we said our goodbyes. Please pray for the church as they continue pursuing the goal of reproducing another church.
June was a time of getting to know the city of Santa Cruz before we went back to the U.S. for our furlough. We surveyed the city to find possible places to live and where to start our next church. We also knocked doors and won souls to test the waters and found that the people are very responsive to the Gospel! Please pray for God’s guidance in finding a home and the right location to start our next church after our furlough.

Please pray that God would help us raise more financial support. Please pray for God’s mighty hand of protection and provision on our family as we travel. Please also pray that we would see many souls saved, people called to full-time Christian service, and lives changed for the glory of God.

He leadeth me, O blessed thought,

Xavier Lopez