Xavier and Rebecca Lopez Prayer Letter: Getting Souls Saved, Great Conference, and Gigantic Gift from God!My family and I would like to thank those of you who gave gifts and shared words of encouragement with us over the holidays. These were special reminders that people still remember and pray for us.

Around the beginning of November I had COVID and was bedridden for several days. Thank God my family did not get sick! I believe your prayers helped to pull our family through this trying time. Please pray for God’s protection on our family against any more sicknesses and diseases.

In November all transportation was prohibited in order to protest against the government. For two weeks the city was paralyzed with road blocks and people protesting! When we arrived in Santa Cruz, we asked you to pray for a home near a supermarket just in case the city got shut down again. In answer to your prayers God gave us a house with two supermarkets only an 18 minute walk away. Being without transportation I was walking to the store when I met Lidio, the owner of a small store in town, and got to see him saved! Please pray for Bro. Lidio Peña to follow God’s will as I pursue to disciple him.

December brought Evangelist Paul Schwanke who arrived and wholeheartedly preached the Word. Being his interpreter I was very concerned, because I was still recuperating from COVID, but with God’s help, Bro. Schwanke’s powerful preaching brought laughter, tears and conviction that sprouted life changing decisions. Before his last sermon I was so encouraged that I ran out of the church begging God to give me souls saved. God helped me see two people saved and gave me a visitor that followed me to the service! During the conference souls were saved and 17 people surrendered their lives to God! Please pray all decisions would be fulfilled and that those saved would grow for the Lord.

After the New Year it was mandated that you had to have a vaccination I.D. proving you were fully vaccinated in order to enter churches, banks, government buildings or any other public facility. This lasted a week until several people revolted. There were rumors that because of COVID the city was going to be locked down, but it never happened, and it was decided not to enforce the mandate. Since then we have been back to soul winning and looking for a place to rent for our new church. Please pray that God would use our family to see more people saved and new converts trained for the ministry.

A church gave us the money to buy a church van! This vehicle will give us a great advantage in our soul winning efforts, to start the church and to pick up people for our first bus route. Isn’t that just like our God to peal back a corner of heaven and spill out His blessing to reinforce us to help win the battle. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who had any part in providing the funds. It will only be possible in eternity to measure the impact your sacrifice will have on helping us reach souls for the cause of Christ. I look forward to letting it be known how this vehicle has complimented our service for God in future updates.

Please continue to pray that God would provide the money to buy property for the church in La Paz, that God would lead me to a strategic location for our new church in Santa Cruz, and for God’s wisdom, love and blessing concerning our health, marriage and child rearing! Please also pray that God would give me a greater love for and understanding of His word to be a better husband, father and missionary.

Xavier Lopez,
A Servant of Jesus Christ