Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Special SundaysSpecial Sundays

We have recently had a series of special Sundays. Our first big day was Good Neighbor Sunday, where we really encouraged our church folks to invite their neighbors and friends. What a great day it was, with 660 in attendance, 118 visitors, 49 salvations, and 7 baptized! The next Sunday was Baby Dedication Sunday. This was a special service, with 8 families bringing their babies to dedicate them to the Lord. Parents’ Sunday was this past Sunday, where we encouraged our church folks who attend faithfully to invite their parents to church. We had over 20 mothers and fathers attend.

Deaf Days

We were not able to hold this special deaf-outreach weekend event at the beginning of the year because of COVID-19. Our special “Deaf Days” started on Saturday with games, food, and a lesson with a Gospel message. We praise the Lord for the 3 who accepted Christ after the preaching. We encouraged those who attended on Saturday to come on Sunday too. Our whole service was tailored to the Deaf Ministry. We had a deaf choir and testimonies from some of the faithful members of our Deaf Ministry. It was a sweet service where our church folks were able to show this ministry some extra love.

Feeding Center

We are excited about the continued construction at Imani Village. The shell of the building is completed, and now we are in the process of doing the plumbing, electrical, and sheetrock for the ceilings. We were recently informed that the ministry that was fully funding the feeding center will no longer be able to continue with support. Please help us pray that God would continue to provide the funds needed to continue this ministry. We know that God is in control and will provide according to His great supply.

Radio Transition

Our biggest prayer request continues to be for our radio station. We have been moving forward to transition the radio from being a separate entity to being a part of our local mission. Please continue to pray that God’s will would be done through this process. There is much red tape involved, and we need divine intervention.

Work Permits

Please begin to pray for our Work Permit renewal process. We have begun preparing for when we renew the first of next year. There have been many missionaries here in Tanzania who have had to leave the country because their renewals were rejected.


Jerry & Rachel Wyatt