Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Special Days With Visiting PastorGod’s goodness never ceases to amaze me. In our last prayer letter, we requested prayer in the area of transportation for our church. Since our last letter, the Lord has provided for us to be able to purchase two vans. We cannot tell you what a blessing these vans will be to our ministry. We have already painted them, put on our church logo, and used them to bring people to church! Thank you for your prayers!

Recently I have been encouraging our people in the area of sacrifice and giving. Last month we had a special offering for our church. It was a blessing to see our church people giving sacrificially to help with the needs of the church.

Last week was the last Sunday of our Fall Program. What a wonderful several weeks we had! The final Sunday was Family Day. We were blessed with over 600 in attendance, with 99 visitors and 49 accepting Christ as their Saviour. Our prayer is that we will see many of these people come back to church and continue to grow in grace.

What a blessing it was to have one of our supporting pastors come and visit us. Pastor Aaron McCullough and a group from his church were here with us. This visiting group was a blessing to us in many ways. They were a tremendous help in painting our new church vans, as well as helping out in many various ministries. It is such an encouragement when a supporting pastor is able to visit us here on the mission field and to see their mission money at work. During their short visit, we saw 155 people accept Christ as their Saviour.

For the first time in our ministry, we held an outdoor evangelist campaign where we set up a large screen and showed the “Jesus Film.” Over 500 people crowded onto an open field to watch the video. What a blessing it was to see people of all faiths and religions watching the story of the life of Christ. One man named Ibrahim, who was a Muslim man, came up to me and gripped my hand. He told me that he wanted to know more about what we were teaching and that he wanted to change. Please continue to pray as we continue to sow seeds of the Gospel here in Morogoro.

Once again, we held a Kids’ Day. It always amazes me at how many children will come to these days. Over 400 children and workers were on our church property playing games, memorizing Bible verses, and hearing a message preached from the Bible. These children are the future of our church and the future of our world. We pray that we can reach them with the Gospel before it is too late. Many accepted Christ as their Saviour during the day.


Jerry & Rachel Wyatt