Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium CrusadeCrusade / Soccer Sunday

What an incredible day God gave us this year for our Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium Crusade! This year for the first time, we held our morning service (Soccer Sunday) at the Stadium. We had over 2,600 in attendance for this Sunday morning service. This is far more than we have ever had in the history of our church. We saw 70 people trust Christ in the morning service. The day continued with the crusade taking place at 4 p.m. We knew that this year was going to be different, as the people started streaming in many hours before the crusade. By the time of the preaching, over 20,000 people had packed into the stadium, with many more outside who didn’t make it inside. We give God all the praise! We were not able to collect all of the decision cards because of the huge crowds, but of the ones that we did collect, 1,016 indicated that they had trusted Christ as their Saviour.


The first week in August, we held our annual teen camp for our church teenagers. We had a good group of nearly 50 campers and helpers. The spirit was good all week, and there were many decisions made for Christ.

Tanker Explosion

As many of you may have heard on various news outlets, a few weeks ago, a major tragedy occurred in our city. A gasoline tanker truck wrecked and overturned on a main road. Hundreds of people gathered at the scene to collect the gas that was pouring out of the truck’s tanks. A spark from a battery ignited the gasoline, causing an explosion of flames as it rapidly swept through the spilled gasoline. Many people died, including one of our church members, along with family members and friends of church members. Dozens were rushed to the hospital in very critical condition. We were able to visit the hospital and take supplies and pray with some of the survivors. Please pray for those still recovering and those who lost a loved one in this tragic event.

Soul-Winning Conference

We held a three-day Soul-Winning Conference the second-to-last week in August. We wanted to stir the hearts of our church and train them on soul winning. The first night, a man named Hilary came. He told me that he had heard the preaching on the radio and was so struck by the truths that he had learned, he determined to find the church associated with the radio. I asked him about his salvation. He said to me, “Pastor, I used to believe my works would take me to Heaven, but after listening to the preaching on the radio, I know now that that is not the way to Heaven. I want to trust Christ alone and receive Him as you preach, but I don’t know how.” With joy, I shared with him Scripture on the wonderful truth of salvation. He was sweetly saved right there at the end of our Soul-Winning Conference!

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt