Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Exciting New Year!Dear Friends,

The Lord has blessed our church with a great start to the year. So many things have been taking place, and we are excited about what the Lord has for us in the coming months. We started the year out with the Our Time Youth Conference. Our Time is an evangelistic camp we have every year. We had 140 young people attend this 3-day camp. Many of our staff were involved in the planning and preparation, and we appreciate the Kinyonga family for their work for the conference. At the end of the week, we had seen nearly 40 accept Christ as their Saviour. Another exciting part of the conference was that we were able to bring over 20 young people from the village of Kolelo to be a part of the camp.

Please continue to pray for the village of Kolelo as we continue working with these people. We were able to take another trip out to this village at the end of January, and we had a wonderful time. Over 300 people came to the meeting, with 19 people accepting Christ throughout the day. A group of young believers have started our discipleship program. We are praying that God will raise up the future leadership of this church.

The Radio Ministry is moving forward with another one of our supporting churches giving $1,000 to the project. We have finalized the blueprints for the studio and are submitting those for building permits. By our next prayer letter, we are praying we will have the needed paperwork to submit for our license. I have also begun recording all my messages for future broadcasts. I am truly looking forward to the day when we can broadcast the Gospel out every day to the hundreds of thousands of people here in Morogoro. Please continue to pray for this truly needful ministry.

We are excited at the progression of our Orphan Ministry. Every week our ministry has the opportunity to preach and teach to these children. This past month we were able to start a new ministry for children who have lost one or both parents. The children go straight from school to our church one day a week. They eat lunch, have a Bible story, play some games, and are taught a subject from school. We have seen many children accept Christ as their Saviour through this ministry. We are thankful for the Kessel family for helping to make this ministry a reality. Please pray as we endeavor to reach these children’s families. We are planning a special Sunday in April to try to reach them.

Each week we are blessed through our church’s ministry in the public schools. This past week we had nearly 900 throughout our school ministries. We were also able to see 21 accept Christ as their Saviour. Continue to pray for all of our teachers who volunteer to teach each week.

In the past couple of months, we have had two seminars for our church people, as well as visitors. One of the seminars was a marriage seminar, and the other was a health/water seminar. Both seminars were well attended, and we have seen great results and growth as a result of these seminars. At our water seminar, three adult visitors accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Please pray as we plan for our Spring Program. We have many special days planned, and we are praying that God will bring many visitors. Please pray as we prepare for these special days. Our desire is to see souls saved and fruit that remains.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt