Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Blessed Easter SundayConversion Story

If you were to attend our church here in Morogoro on a Sunday morning, you would delight to see minibus after minibus, packed to capacity and beyond, roll into our church parking lot and watch as dozens of smiling faces unload ready to be at church. But what about the drivers of these rented buses? Each week, as they patiently wait for their minibus to empty of people, I wish that they would park their buses and attend the services as well. Time after time, I have invited them to stay. A smile crosses each face, and they kindly say, “Pastor, I will come sometime but not this week.” They are anxious to get back out on their regular routes to transport more passengers to different parts of the city.

Peter is one of these bus drivers. For over seven years, he has faithfully picked up people and brought them to church each Sunday. For seven years, he has promised me, “One day, I will come.” That “one day” finally came. You can imagine my surprise and joy as Peter pulled into the church parking lot with his bus full of people and got out of his bus with them. That week as Peter attended church, making good on his promise of seven years, he saw his need for a Saviour. Peter was sweetly saved that Sunday. The next Sunday, he got out of his bus and stayed for the service again . . . this week following the Lord in believer’s baptism. I encouraged him to start discipleship lessons and to bring his family to church. The next week, he not only stayed for the service himself but was beaming with pride as he walked into church with his wife Martha. I stand amazed at the transformation that has happened in Peter’s life. He has not missed one service for over a month now! Please pray for Peter as he continues to grow in the Lord.

Radio Launch

Sauti ya Uzima is now officially launched! The middle of April, we had our ribbon-cutting ceremony with 630 in attendance. What a wonderful and exciting day it was! This long, six-year process has finally come to a close. We are thankful for all the churches and people who have come alongside us to partner with us in this ministry. We were blessed to have Harold Smith and Cameron Weage from Bethel Baptist Church and WYTJ Radio come over and help with more training of our radio staff just before our official launch. Bro. Gene Sharp, as well as George and Barbara Zarris, were able to fly over to attend our launch and ribbon-cutting ceremony and help further train staff. Bro. Sharp also installed a new transmitter that has raised our power to three times what it was. There were villages behind the mountain who previously could not hear the radio but now are reporting that they can hear it loud and clear. We are also excited because the Dumilia village church that we recently started an hour and half away from our city can now hear our broadcast clearly.

Easter Services

Easter is, of course, an exciting day for our church. Although we have an English Sunday school for children each week, we do not normally have an adult service in English. Last year for Easter, we started an annual English Easter Service. This year over 130 English-speaking people from countries all over the world attended the English Easter Service. It is such a moving time, as we are all able to sing the Resurrection songs in our own language! The English Sunday School Kids’ Choir also performed a special, which everyone enjoyed, and then I brought an Easter message. As soon as the crowd from the English service left, our Swahili services began. These were sweet and wonderful services as well. It was a very long day but a very blessed Resurrection Sunday!

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Jerry and Rachel Wyatt