Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Bible College to Start This YearAnother year is over, and a new one has begun! As we reflect on the year that just past, we praise God for His over-abundant goodness on our church, ministry, and family. We were able to see 1,497 people trust Christ as their personal Saviour. Many were baptized, and visitors were present almost every week at church. Our church is excited and ready to reach new heights in this new year!

We have been doing much construction on our church and property recently. We have completed the front wall to the church and have begun work for an extension to the back of the auditorium. Please continue to pray with us that all will go well in the construction process.

We are very excited about an opportunity that the Lord laid on my heart to begin this year. In the month of February, we will be officially starting the Faith Baptist College of Morogoro. It has been a burden of mine for a while to have a training program for those who would like to enter into the Lord’s service. We will be partnering with Teaching All Nations. Please pray for us as we start this new college!

The Lord has blessed us with the purchase of a new van/mini bus for our church. Each Sunday we rent several of these to bring people to church. We have been praying that the Lord will allow us to purchase these vans so that we will not have to rent them. God has blessed tremendously, as we now own two of these vans. It is such a blessing to fill them up each Sunday, as well as use them for various soul-winning and outreach ministries throughout the week.

Mama Freddy has been faithful to our church for quite a while now. Recently her husband George came, and I had the honor of baptizing him. He has begun attending faithfully as well. It is always exciting to see men take the step of faith for baptism and begin leading their family in the ways of the Lord. As I was speaking to his wife, Mama Freddy, I was impressed by her godly example and faith. She told me that she prays that her three boys will grow up to be preachers. Please keep this precious family in your prayers.

We are preparing to do an advertising blitz to saturate our city with information about our church. We will be putting an invitation to church with the plan of salvation in every mailbox in our city, as well as a banner in town and several advertisements on the radio. Our burden is for every person in our city to know the Gospel and that there is a church here that has a desire to help and to be a lighthouse for those in need.

Our theme for this new year is “Plant, Water, and Grow.” Our people are excited about what God will do this year. We have many, many things planned and have begun preparing for them. But as I emphasized to our people, we can do the planting and the watering, but God must give the increase.

Our greatest prayer request is for the Radio Ministry. God has blessed with all of the equipment, a tower, and finances to build the station; but we have not received our license to broadcast. After meeting with some officials, I was told that there were not anymore frequencies in Morogoro. We are seeking any other avenues and options to be able to move forward with this great project. If there were an army of Christians, both here and in the States, begging God to open a door, I believe He would.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt