Jerry and Rachel Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Furlough and Divine AppointmentsFurlough

We returned to the States at the end of August for our furlough. As soon as we arrived, we were able to participate in our home church’s Missions Conference. What a time of refreshment that was! We have since been traveling to some of our supporting churches to give an update on what God is doing in Tanzania. We have been blessed and encouraged to see those “back home” who have been holding us up in prayer. Please pray for us as we continue to travel for the next several months. We will be returning to Tanzania at the beginning of January.

Divine Appointments

Although we are Stateside, it has been a blessing to visit with many different Swahili-speaking African people. It seems like we run into them everywhere we go! While at our home church in Iowa, I was able to go out visiting in an area where many people from the Congo live. We had many great visits, as well as the opportunity to stop by an African wedding, where I was able to witness to several in Swahili. The next day, I was privileged to preach in a Sunday school for African people. I taught in Swahili, while another African man, who understood Swahili, translated it into French for those who spoke French.

A couple of weeks later while in Michigan, I again had the opportunity to visit some African people, and I saw several saved then as well. Again, I taught a Sunday school class in Swahili. In another opportunity, a bus captain, who was out visiting and ran across a lady who only spoke Swahili, called me and asked me to witness to her. I was able to lead her to the Lord over FaceTime. Altogether, the Lord has allowed us to see 21 Swahili-speaking people accept Christ as their Saviour while home on furlough! Scan the first code at the bottom of this letter to see a photo of these opportunities!

The Work Continues

I am always encouraged when I get reports from back in Tanzania that the work of the Lord is continuing on. Souls are being saved, and people are being helped and discipled. I am grateful for the men God has placed in our ministry who can continue the work in our absence. I am especially grateful for Montana and Kellie Morrow, who are there and continuing on while we are on furlough. Two of the men who are helping with much of the preaching and running of the ministry are recent graduates from our Bible college. Scan the second code at the bottom of this letter to see a video of their graduation!

Serving the people in Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt