Wes Palla Prayer Letter: Meet Renan and GabriellaI would like for you to meet Renan and Gabriella. This young couple has been attending our church for the last several months, and I want to share the blessing that is their story.

When I met them last year, they had been searching for God for some time and trying to live right as best as they knew how. They had tried Brazil’s largest evangelical church (The Universal Church) and had been let down by its false doctrine and complete lack of assurance about anything other than money. The first night they came to our service, they heard Bible preaching, and the Lord began to work in their hearts.

After attending for a couple of weeks, they set up a time for discipleship with us in our home. That first week was the first time someone had ever clearly explained the Gospel to them. Poor Gabriella was wide-eyed, with mouth agape, when she realized that all the religion she had held on to counted zero towards her eternal destination. They were both saved that night. For several weeks after that, we met together every week, and their awe and wonder at learning foundational truths from God’s Word was so refreshing for us! They were so hungry!

They have been disowned by her family and openly mocked and ridiculed by his, yet they continue coming to church, learning, and growing. I have had the privilege to baptize both of them, and, Lord-willing, they will be getting involved in various ministries of the church in the very near future.

These are the types of people that your missions giving reaches: lives with no hope or direction, lives that are redeemed, renewed, and transformed by the Gospel, and lives that can then turn around and reach others with that same good news. Thank you for supporting the work here in Guarulhos. There are many other stories we could share, and there are many others waiting to be found.

Please pray for Renan and Gabriella’s spiritual growth. Pray for our other church families as well. All of them have been saved and in church for less than three years. Please pray that we can reach many more families. Thank you so much for your partnership with us. God bless you.

Declaring His glory,

Wes Palla
Psalm 96:3