Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  Improving Language Skill Means More OpportunitiesI realize that it has been two months since our last prayer letter; please accept my apologies—our dog ate it, though the fact that we don’t have a dog might be a bit problematic there. In reality, it has been a busy time of learning, working, traveling, and growth. We are grateful for your faithful support and prayers. We are here because of your desire to reach the world with God’s love. So on that note, let me share what has been going on.


We continue to progress in our Portuguese studies, which enables us to be more and more effective in reaching out to people. This past Saturday I had the privilege of leading 19-year-old Julho to the Lord. We talked for about 20 minutes before he assured me that he really wanted and needed to accept Christ as his Saviour. Amen! The following day (Sunday), Cynthia was able to lead 2 girls to Christ after the morning service. Praise God! It is hard to describe the feeling of really doing what you came to do. It is a mixture of joy, relief, excitement, awe, and hunger for more all thrown together.

We continue to work with the orphanage. Please pray for these teens and children. Sometimes it is hard to keep a good spirit when you encounter so much sorrow and hardship. May God use us—and you—to show them hope and love.

Opportunities to preach are coming more frequently now, even for Cynthia (kidding!). We have also begun to survey other parts of the city for a good location for the church.


As some may already know, we are expecting our third child sometime in April. We found out about a month ago, at which point I had to be revived. We are very blessed for God’s treasures in our lives. After searching for nearly two months, we also were able to purchase a vehicle near the end of September. This is what has allowed us more time to canvas other neighborhoods around Sao Paulo.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for several of the teens at the orphanage who still need to trust Christ. They are very skeptical of the idea of a loving God. Several are also struggling with addictions. Pray for safety; apparently, while we were out traveling, someone tried to break into our townhouse area, causing a bit of fear amongst the residents. Thankfully, they were not successful. Pray for Julho to grow in the Lord, and pray for more souls to be saved during our door-knocking efforts.

We are grateful for your investment in God’s work here in Sao Paulo. It is not in vain. We are praying for you and for America that God will call many back to Him there. May God get the glory for it all!

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3