Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  Having Ourselves a Time!Thank you for your prayers and support, and thank you especially for your patience in not hearing from us for a while. That was a combination of missionary oversight and a perfect storm of busyness. Thankfully, there is much good to report.

Our anniversary services at the end of July went very well, with a full house and one profession of faith. Within three weeks of the anniversary, we had four new families attending church! From there it has been a busy time of discipling and growing our new converts. We have had two baptisms recently and have seen our group for Saturday soul winning grow from my family and me to having eight to ten church members going out with us weekly. Amen!

One of the new families that has been attending is Ronaldo, Jaciana, and their baby boy Richard. One Saturday I knocked on their door and began witnessing to them. I wasn’t able to finish giving them the Gospel that day, but I went back again the following Saturday. That second Saturday, they both knelt there in their living room and trusted Christ as their Saviour. We are currently discipling them, and last week Ronaldo made it very clear that they are going to be going out soul winning with us from here on out. His exact words were, “Pastor, don’t call me and ask me if I can go with you. Just tell me, ‘Hey, we’re going out at this time,’ and I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and get ready. Jaciana and I WANT to be soul winners.” Now that makes me happy.

In the past month, we have moved to a house that is closer to the church, held an evangelistic conference in Northern Brazil with a national pastor— where we had 20 saved in 2 nights and a high attendance of 81 on the final night, and sent a group of 19 from our church to family camp. All that to say, we’re a bit tuckered out. Nevertheless, it’s been a very happy season of serving the King of kings, and we praise the Lord for what He is doing here in Guarulhos.

Thank you for having a part in this ministry. Thank you for your prayers for Cynthia’s health. I think we have turned the corner on controlling some of her health issues. She has been free of pain for a while now and has only threatened my life once or twice. Please continue to pray with us for the new converts to continue their growth. Pray that we can see more families added to the church, and also pray that our offerings will begin to increase. God bless you, and may the Lord be glorified in all that we do.

Declaring His glory,

Wes Palla