Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  God's Detours Opening DoorsTime for a poll . . . and remember, be honest. There are many of you who have supported us for going on six years now. You will remember that Brazil has always been our field that we were trying to get to, but the Lord opened a door for us to work with Pastor Kevin Wynne in Mexico City for a little over two years. So here’s the question: How many of you thought it was a little odd for missionaries to Brazil to be spending time in a different country that speaks a different language from Brazil? To be honest, Cynthia and I wondered about that a little bit as well; but it is increasingly obvious that God is much wiser than we are, and there was a reason all along.

Spending time in Mexico allowed me to learn the Spanish language, and it just so happens that that has opened a great door here in Sao Paulo to reach the hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants. Along with that, I am blessed to be able to take trips to other countries in South America and aid in getting churches planted. All of this is now possible because of our time in Mexico. Just within the last two months, we have seen nearly 100 folks trust Christ here in Sao Paulo. We are also starting up two more Bible studies in homes of our converts with an eye towards integrating all three locations into a church within the next couple of months. There is a spiritual hunger in the Spanish- speaking world right now that I have not seen anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. What a great opportunity this is, and how wonderful God is to have prepared us for these open doors far in advance.

I also recently had the privilege to participate in a missions trip to Ecuador, where we saw many hundreds saved and 16 baptized. We preached in cities and flew into remote jungle airstrips—all for the sake of sharing the Gospel. In all, we saw five churches there that were all less than ten months old; all were growing quickly.

We greatly appreciate your continued prayers with us for the following:

• More souls saved
• Productive Bible studies that produce fruit
• Our relocation to the other side of the city
• An affordable location for the church to rent

We are honored to represent you all in South America as missionaries. We truly have the most amazing life and some of the most awesome opportunities to serve the Lord. He always provides and guides in wonderful ways, and many times He does so through your faithful support. We are working to see fruit on your behalf. You are in our hearts and prayers.

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3