Wes Palla Prayer Letter: Church Planting in the PandemicWe thank the Lord for each one of you and for your faithful prayers for the work here in Salvador, Brazil. Each need has been supplied, our health has been blessed, and our work is seeing fruit produced. While no one is thrilled with all of the restrictions and limitations brought on by COVID-19, we have chosen to act rather than react to our circumstances, and the prayers of God’s people have opened great doors of opportunity.

Each week we have seen visitors come to the services, and several are making return visits. We have two families and a few individuals that are faithfully attending and have completed our four-week Foundations class. In spite of the pandemic, our soul-winning times are producing encouraging results. Each week we have seen multiple people trust Christ as their Saviour! Just today, I went back to visit a lady I met three weeks ago. Her name is Celinha. She was very friendly the first time we met her, but I was not able to share the whole plan of salvation with her. The second week when I visited her, she was very busy with work and asked if we could come back the following week when she would have plenty of time. Well, that was today, and true to her word, she gave us all the time we needed to share with her how she could become a child of God. After talking with her for several minutes, she bowed her head and prayed, asking Jesus to be her Saviour. Praise the Lord, there are still people open to the truth of the Gospel!

This month both Mia and I are celebrating our birthdays. It is hard to describe how quickly time has flown by. Many of you have been supporting us since before Mia was born, and she is now a ten-year-old!

We have hit a snag with our auditorium construction, and we would ask all of you to be praying for the Lord to give us wisdom with how to proceed. If I may, I would also ask you to be praying for the following:

• For open doors to share the Gospel with several who have visited a service but left without making a decision to be saved
• For our converts to begin faithfully attending all the services
• For the building construction to move ahead quickly

As always, we are grateful to represent you on the mission field. You are in our prayers as we realize that many of you have been greatly affected by the virus. May God grant you wisdom, and may He protect you from further harm. We love you, and we are grateful for faithful churches that have stood by us during what has most assuredly been a trying year.

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3