Wes Palla Prayer Letter: Beginning to BuildThank you so much for your prayers and support. It is a wonderful thing to be living on the mission field, doing what you are called to do. We have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of finalizing our move to this region of Brazil. We have very often watched God work on our behalf to move things forward that would be impossible for us to do on our own.

We have been taking the men of our team out soul winning four to five days each week, and the results have been encouraging. Just this past week, we were able to see 5 people saved during the week and then 2 more during Saturday soul winning. One of those was a 17-year-old young man named Uanderson, whom I spoke with. He believed in God and believed the Bible was the Word of God, but he had no idea if he would spend eternity with God or not. After sharing the Gospel with him, he bowed His head and asked Jesus to forgive him and save his soul! I was really encouraged when we had a visitor at church Wednesday evening whom we had won to the Lord the week before. His name is Silvio, and we are praying that he will begin to grow spiritually and that we can see the rest of his family saved as well.

The construction of the auditorium of the church building will begin in earnest in the next week or two. We are excited about getting the work underway. We need a large enough space to accommodate those we have begun to win and disciple, while still complying with all of the social-distancing requirements. It will be a wonderful blessing to be able to have a space where we can fit everyone at the same time and not have any of them worried about social distancing. We are trusting God to meet the financial demands of the building project, just as He has always provided for each need in the past.

Please continue to pray with us and for us. We have had many saved who need to take the next step in their spiritual growth. Please pray that the physical work of the auditorium construction will not experience any delays. In addition, please pray for continued protection, health, and safety. God has shielded us from sickness, and for that we praise Him. We appreciate each and every one of you. Your prayers have very frequently made the difference in reaching souls and seeing the work move forward. I look forward to sharing more good news in the future about the results of your faithful partnership with us to reach the northeast of Brazil.

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3