This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


Dan Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Ashcraft, Tommy and Brenda—Mexico (Stateside)

*Her health (recovery from shoulder injury)

Missionary #6501—Team Eurasia

*Four team members applying for visa extensions
*Team family on deputation, at 90%, hopefully to arrive this summer
*God’s will concerning seven men who are praying about joining their team
*Services (20+ attending)
*Son (age 18) moving to the States for training
*Two-month furlough for daughter’s wedding in September
*His 53rd year:
+To finish his ninth book
+To master the language
+To plant at least two more churches

Belisle, James and Linda—Missionary Evangelist, FBMI Field Service Coordinator

*April 20-year anniversary of their missions evangelism ministry
*Travels this year to raise support and report to churches
*His planning of meetings overseas
*Trip to Nigeria to present the TAN program for Missionary Mark Holmes’ Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences in Truth Baprist Church in Abuja on May 29-June 1 and in Independent Baptist Church in Calabar on June 4-7

Bowen, Bob and Jackie—“BEST” Bible Distribution

*Her health
*More churches to get involved in the Bible-printing ministry
*Preparation for two more containers of Scriptures going out this year
*May 31 departure for six-week trip to Thailand (Bible Conference at First Baptist Church Nawong, Pastor Arold)

Carter, Steve and Bethany—Japan

*Youth Camp this week

Crabtree, Scott and Tricia—Deaf World Vision (deputation)

*Their move to Columbus, Ohio, to start a DEAF church
*Money for moving expenses, new vehicle, and start-up costs for new church
*Final repairs on their “old” house
*Pray for a quick sale.

Foust, Zach and Karin—Team Peru

*April trip to the Amazon city of Iquitos to take 100 water-purification units to those in the jungle (from Bro. Hays; get units released from Customs; safe trip) and to train pastors in soul winning
+Money provided to pay for a roof for a new boat they helped a jungle missionary complete

Godsoe, Courtney and Ester—Philippines

*Get plans approved for facilities on their property, $45,000 ($35,000 to finish enough of facilities to move their church, staff, college dorms, and Christian school there before rent is raised in March 2018; then use rent money for finishing touches)
*Ester’s health
*Dasmarinas City Jail Ministry (new ministry for ladies as well)

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough)

*Jonathan’s chemo treatments, needs hearing aids

Gospodarev, Dmitry and Olga—Belarus

*Son Timothy’s health (serious eye problems, future tests)
*$7,000 to renovate and get appliances for their two-room apartment (just got it, after a 10-year wait)
+Now have a full-time translator
*Translation work they do so they have good Bible-believing materials and books in the Russian language
*Their work in a kids’ shelter
*Summer kids’ day camp
*Finish their church building ($19,270 for basic needs)

Hoffman, Barry and MiSuk—Korea

*New church plant on eastern side of Seoul, started by their youth pastor and several families
*Their two new weekly soul-winning ministries
*Future expansion (The property with three buildings connected to their property is for sale.)
+Contract to sell their old building the week after they moved their school out of it

Holmes, Mark and Sabrina—Nigeria

*May 29-June 1 Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference in Abuja
*June 4-7 Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference in Calabar
*June Spirit-Renewal Meeting in Ibadan
*August 14-18 SMITE training in Abuja to train teens to reach children through Bible Clubs
*Two regional SMITE Youth Camps July 24-28 and August 21-25
*November 5-12 Missions Conference (FSC Jeremy Snipes will be the keynote preacher.)

Javier, Parish and Arlene—Philippines

*Church property fund (find property and start building their church)
*Extension ministry in Abuyugon
*Bible studies in preparation for baptisms

Jones, Layne and Nelia—Philippines

*April 11-13 Youth Conference
*April 18-21 Vacation Bible School
*April 30 church anniversary
*May 8-11 Youth Camp

Kimmel, TJ and Christa—CORE Ministry (World Missions)

*Support for national pastors in Myanmar and Pastor Fonseca in Cape Verde

Lagos, Dennis and Holly―Philippines (deputation)

*Praises for his January/February survey trip:
+Safety from the rebels during the voided ceasefire and from typhoon headed for the area, which dissipated
+Holly’s permanent resident visa was processed.
+His dual citizenship certificate was obtained
+Secured housing
*To raise remaining 19% support
*To sell their vehicle and furnishings
*To move by the end of May 2017
*Renewal of ceasefire between rebels and Filipino government before they arrive on the field

Lopez, Angel and Noemi—Guatemala

*His health (food poisoning, very sick and dehydrated)

Lowe, Jason and Heather—Bahamas

*Safety (national election soon)
*That a gambling house near their church will be shut down

Marasco, Sam and Krista—FBMI Church Planting

*Raising support to plant Rock Point Baptist Church in the Central Oahu Region of Hawaii, where he will pastor and family will relocate once he has enough support

Martin, Bill and Lupita—Mexico

*His upcoming open-heart surgery (daughter Susanna at HAC)

McDonald, Corey and Elizabeth―Team East Africa (deputation)

*Family’s health
*Their vehicle
*Travel safety; *support
*Souls saved

Mercer, Scott and Kristy—Team Thailand

*Expecting a boy after having three girls (her health)
*Language studies
*Their Junior Church

Moore, Clarence and Chong Chi—Korea

*India Crusade (started March 25)

Morrissey, Mike and Ruth—Philippines (deputation)

*March 28–April 12 trip to Dapitan City to find housing

Murillo, Robert and Joy—Mexico

*Her health (recently diagnosed with cancer)
*Healing and God’s direction as they consider different treatment options

Nibbe, Brian and Lynette—Romania

*Building project in village of Suata
*Received the money to finish the building and grounds (should be finished in a month)

Nordman, John and Gwen―Australia

*His recovery from cancer surgery

Nunez, Andres and Martha―Venezuela

*His possible surgery next month

Oehlert, Jonathan and Angela—Canada

*Paperwork with the Canadian government to become “landed” there
*More stable situation within the country
*Need for Sunday school space and a nursery room
*Expecting a son mid-June

Owens, David and Kelly—Guyana

*New church in Queenstown and Pastor Jainaraine
*Starting of a church in Charity
*Property and building for church in Bush Lot
*Faithful men
*Workers for the ministry
*Andrew Glasgow (to surrender to serve God full-time)

Palla, Wes and Cynthia—Brazil

*Discipleship classes
*Children’s Ministry
*Cynthia’s health (more upcoming medical tests)

Perez, Alberto and Vicky—Ecuador

*Sunday night Bible studies

Ratcliff, Darrell and Buffy―Evangelist to Mexico

*Michael’s health
*God’s power, protection, and provision

Runyon, Dean and Patty—Guyana, South America (furlough)

*Released from hospital and cleared to go on furlough
*April 10-19 trip to Guyana (church in Port Kaituma)
*June 28 appointment for final release from doctors

Solt, Dave and Mary Beth―England

*Safety (recent terrorist attack in London)

Storm, Warren and Jary Lynn—Keep the Buses Rolling

*Prayer for their children:
+Son Toni and family’s May return from his tour in Hawaii
+August deployment of son Dave to the Middle East

Team Peru

*Water shortage

Tomlinson, Dwight and Gayle—Barnabas 10/40 Window (deputation)

*April 4 departure for China
*Upcoming meetings in 10/40 Window this year to train and vet national pastors
*Future plans:
+Spend 10 months in Asia each year to conduct the ministry of Barnabas 1040 and 2 months in America to report to churches
+To increase the number they support from 17 men in 8 countries to 50 in at least 10 countries

Vest, Charlie and Kay—Philippines (AWBM)

*Upcoming Vacation Bible School and Junior Camp
*Their health
*Her brother Bud, who has brain cancer
*Strength and opportunities to help young AWBM pastors
+Materials, training, and finances
+Raise money to help fund projects, such as Sunday school buildings
+To travel to islands to preach missions and pastors’ conferences
*His weekly teaching in their Bible college, starting in June (develop lessons on leadership and missions
*His teaching of TAN to churches who want to train their own men
*May trip to Thailand to preach for a Filipino missionary
*Ministry to the national police

Warner, Justin and Preetika—Zambia, Africa (medical furlough)

*Her health (beginning a new course of treatment)

Watt, Nick and Beth—New Zealand

*October 2016–January 2017 furlough for her and the children, December-January for him
*Find a church building
*Young people to go to April Teen Camp (safe trip)

Yetzer, Chris and Amy—Italy

*God to bless their soul winning
+Safe arrival of Charlotte, born March 11 (continued strength and health for mother and child)

Zarris, George and Barb—Christian Radio International/CMI

*$120,000 to build the first Christian radio station in Juba, South Sudan
*Special prayer request for a family Mexico City