This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.


Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”



Dan Siemer: Healing of fractured vertebra (praise: brace is off!)

Hassler, Thurston/Kay (retired missionary)

*4 months of recovery

Amoros, Andres/Dora—Dominican Republic

*His ministering to churches in the southern part of the island, as well as in Santo Domingo;
*Goal for 2017 to buy the building they are renting ($148,000; wisdom to inspire the church in the purchase)
*New believers

Arold, Edgar/Sindy—Thailand

*March 22-26 Youth Conference (Dr. John Francis preaching)
*Church #11 (rent land for 50+ people to meet weekly)
*June 7-11 Soul-Winning Conference (10 countries represented)
*His brother-in-law Abel (experiencing muscle wasting)
*Reach Thailand

Ashcraft, Tommy/Brenda—Mexico (Stateside)

*Her health (injured her shoulder in a fall; severe pain)
*Wisdom and finances concerning her treatment while in Northwest Indiana area to see doctors

Chitty, Don/Renee—Navajos in New Mexico

*Bus Ministry (bus repairs and money)
*Need to divide children’s classes due to growth
*May 7-12 Cowboy Camp Meeting
*Urgent Prayer Request–their youngest son Joshua (Bible college student) was just diagnosed with Type I diabetes ($1200-$1400 for his part after insurance for an insulin pump and blood-sugar monitor to better regulate his blood sugar; monthly for his monthly insulin and other diabetic supplies; that he will be able to keep his newly acquired insurance)

Edwards, Mark/Sheri—Brazil

*Preparations for April furlough

Fannin, Rick/Gaylene—Philippines

*March 26 graduation of 2 Bible college married men students
*April musical drama for Resurrection Sunday
*April VBS
*Restoration project of their first church in the city
*Remodeling of college-student dining area and kitchen
*Bible Clubs/Feeding Program reaching 200-plus kids every Saturday

Foust, Zach/Karin—Team Peru

*April trip to the Amazon city of Iquitos to take 100 water-purification units (from Bro. Hays) to Baptist pastors and missionaries in the jungle (safe trip while in the jungle) and to train pastors in soul winning
*Praise: money provided to pay for a roof for a new boat they helped a jungle missionary complete

Missionary #6011—Team China (deputation)

*Praise: support at 76%, with additional promised
*Daughter to heal from tibial torsion
*Comfort in the loss of W__’s father-in-law, a Chinese man they were working with
*One of the team families is coming back to the States to travel for a couple of months this summer
*Baby girl due in June

Goodpaster, Nathan/Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough)

*Jonathan’s chemo treatments

Hall, Baraka (Rocky)/Melanie—Team Ghana

*Spiritual growth of new convert, Kwame Gyeabour (eager to learn more)
*Their work with Jamasi Deaf Residential School, with 500-plus Deaf students (find right vehicle so they can go there to preach for early Sunday morning services)

Hebert, Brian/Liz—Canada (deputation)

*To reach needed support
*Safe travels and health

Holmes, Mark/Sabrina—Nigeria

*Five new students at their Bible college
*New church started by a man reached by Missionary Maskey, trained at Bro. Holmes’ college, and sent out by the first church started by Missionary Long over 30 years ago

Kimmel, TJ/Christa—CORE Ministry (World Missions)

*March 26 departure for Cuba to partner with pastors there (money for backpack care packages for the pastors they will meet at $38 each)

Lopez, Angel/Noemi—Guatemala

*His health (food poisoning, very sick and dehydrated)

Lopez, Xavier/Rebecca—Bolivia (furlough)

*Flew to La Paz for their church’s 11-year anniversary (190 in attendance, several visitors, people saved)
*The church in their absence
*Raise more support

Martin, Rick/Becky—Philippines

*Those in their RU program
*Comfort of the families of three pastors who have gone to Heaven the past four months
*For older pastors who set the example for the other graduates

Moore, Clarence/Chong Chi—Korea

*March 25 departure for 50-day India Crusade (to see thousands saved, baptized, and added to the churches; goal to start at least two new churches; stamina and good health as he preaches two times daily)
*June crusade in Cambodia

Murillo, Robert/Joy—Mexico

*Her health
+Just diagnosed with cancer (early stage)
+Wisdom for treatment

Nordman, John/Gwen―Australia

*His healing from bone cancer
*Recovery from March 14 surgery (two weeks in hospital, four months in bed)
*Praise: taken a few steps

Owens, Jonathan/Shannon—Bulgaria

*Preparations for their March 26-29 missions conference

Porterfield, Eric/Jessica—Blind Faith Ministries, South Sudan (deputation)

*Peace in South Sudan
*April 28-29 Youth Rally (Pastor Wilkerson speaking)
*Money for projects in Africa:
+Congo: Bible school required, registration of BFM, travel, planting of new churches, church planters and church elders trained, church shelters, church properties
+Uganda: Bible college in Eastern Uganda, train church planters, $300 for revival conference, NGO renewed for BFM, construction of church building, building of church shelters in refugee camps

Rader, Mark/Sarah—Team Peru

*Praise: safe arrival of Baby Rebekah on Friday, March 17
*Water shortage in Peru

Robideau, Rob/Grace—Nepal

*Son Timothy’s health (combination of asthma attack and beginnings of pneumonia)
*Niece Kaylea in the hospital again due to complications with her liver (recent transplant)

Siegwart, Mark/Laura—Missions Aviation

*March 25-29 trip to Cuba with TJ Kimmel and Pastor Paul Hoover (safety as they travel and meet with national pastors)

Team Indo-Phil

*HAC of the Philippines students (sickness among the students, requiring trips to clinic for bloodwork, medications, etc.)

Tevault, Bob/Susan—Philippines

*College’s final week this semester (college students)
*Upcoming VBS and Youth Camp
*12-day trip in April to preach in several cities in the Philippines

Tirado, Robert/Angela—Dominican Republic

*Follow-up of recent converts

Warner, Justin/Preetika—Zambia, Africa (medical furlough)

*Her health (beginning a new course of treatment)

Young, Dennis/Mary—Bolivia

*Recent move to Bolivia; *to be able to get their residency permits for Bolivia

Zemeski, Bob/Kathi—Ireland

*Their health:
+Kathi: Wednesday, March 22, angioplasty of the knee to look for any leaking vessels
+Bob: July MRI, August biopsy
*Effectiveness to reach the lost
*Their plans for outreach to Celbridge, one of the four villages in which they will minister over Easter
*Tom/Sandy Hastings (missionaries in Germany) helping them April 27-May 12;
*Postponement of furlough till autumn