Warren Storm Prayer Letter: The Bus Ministry Is Worth It!First, an Update

My wife is doing very well since her fall and hip repair in January. Last week, she got rid of her cane for good. Thank you again for your prayers for her. God answered them! He is so good!

At the time of this writing, our First Baptist Church 2019 Youth Conference, “HARDWIRED,” has just ended. Praise the Lord for the many who accepted Christ as their Saviour and for the many who made great decisions to surrender to God’s will. It was a privilege to be able to help the bus mechanics at the church and the college to fix some bus problems that some of the churches had. I am praying that they all arrived home safely.

Emergency Repairs

In May and June, we did several emergency bus repairs, working on 41 buses and traveling 2,562 miles—11 of the buses were not running. With God’s help, we were able to get them up and running and back on the road again.

We think of the many children who ride on those 41 buses. The Bus Ministry is worth it! It’s worth every cent, and it’s worth every hour visiting the bus riders, bringing them to church on Sundays, and praying for, loving, winning, and counseling them and their parents. “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” (Jude 22)

While we were in Dundee, Michigan, helping a church with their buses, I had the privilege of going soul winning on a bus route with Pastor Brown. We both saw precious ones trust Christ. Anita, the parent of two bus kids, sweetly accepted Jesus as her Saviour. We were rejoicing for what God had done!

FBC Bus Kid

When inviting some of our neighbors to our church, we met Errin, our new neighbor across the street from us. She told us that in the late 70s, she lived in Calumet City, and as a child, she rode our First Baptist Church bus to Sunday school. She got saved, but through the years, she has not been in church. Thank God for the Bus Ministry! We are praying that she will come to church.

Thank you for your very faithful prayers and financial support. We are so grateful for your investment in “Keep the Buses Rolling” and the Bus Ministries that we help around the country.

Prayer Requests

Pray (1) that the doctors in Rwanda, Africa, will find answers for our grandson Caleb, who is taking meds to regulate his heart, (2) that more bus mechanics and CDL drivers will volunteer to help their churches, (3) that churches will continue to have and add to their bus routes, and (4) that we will be safe as we travel.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm