Warren Storm Prayer Letter: Thankful God Meets Our NeedsThankful God Meets Our Needs

While we were in Florida, my brother, who owns an auto repair shop, allowed me to use his shop to repair our utility truck. I replaced the front end. Then the first of March, we had to replace the front tires on the motorhome at $1,600. God provided for entire cost! We are so thankful for how He supplies our needs.

By early March, we had finished up the churches in Florida. I got a call while we were in Mississippi from the church we had just left in Florida. The bus we fixed had another problem, so we went back to Florida. I diagnosed the bus and found that it was the computer for the transmission. After borrowing a computer from a church nearby, we verified that the problem was the faulty computer. We called a shop in Indiana that would sell them the computer for only $50.00. Praise the Lord! God is so good!

God allowed us to travel 1,901 miles, helping 8 churches in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio and fixing 27 buses. Seven buses that had been down were put back on the road.

Taking up the Torch

After hearing that things were beginning to shut down in America because of the Coronavirus, we started heading for home. We stayed at an RV park in Heiskell, Tennessee. We realized that it was close to where Marco Hannel lived; he is the gentleman preparing to do what we do. We contacted him, and we were able to spend several hours with him to be an encouragement and a help. We told him we had been praying for him ever since he had called and told us what God had laid on his heart. We are so thankful for the younger generation who are taking up the torch for the Lord’s work.

Hearts Are Tender

When we were home, we decided to try the new Mission BBQ restaurant in Merrillville. While there a man came up to me and asked for money for food. I first told him “No,” but God said, “You just missed a soul-winning opportunity!” So, I caught up with him and his pregnant wife and bought them a meal. I witnessed to them, and they both trusted Christ as their Saviour. We gave their names to Bro. Lawrence Williams, and he followed up on them. At this uncertain time, people are very open to the Gospel and to receiving tracts. It is also a joy to hear our Pastor John Wilkerson preaching and sharing the Gospel online every day. In these perilous times, God is allowing the Gospel to be preached all over the world via the Internet, and countless souls are coming to Christ.

We are so thankful for your faithful prayers and support for our ministry. Our prayers are also with you as you face these unprecedented times. Please call us at 219-689-0011 if you have any questions regarding your buses or your Bus Ministry.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our daughter and son-in-law and their family in Uganda, Africa. Their flight to America has been canceled twice. They are waiting for the confirmation on the new flight scheduled for the first of June.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm