Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  Eager to Trust Christ!God’s Help in Bus Repairs

The last of July, a church in Nebraska took their bus to the dealer for repairs. The dealer charged them $1,200, and the bus came back in worse condition than when they took it in. After tracing out some wiring, we were able to repair it at no cost to the church. Praise the Lord for His help! Then in August, a church in Wisconsin had a newly purchased bus that would not go into gear. They had a repairman come out and diagnose it, and he told them it needed a new computer. We scanned the bus, and in the process, we found that the brake-light fuse was blown. We replaced the fuse, and the bus is now working fine.

God Answers Prayer

For quite some time, we had been praying for an updated scanner for the new electronic buses. Last winter, Harvest Baptist Church in Hudson, Florida, gave us a large gift toward the purchase of the scanner. Then in July, God provided the rest of the money, and we were able to purchase the laptop diesel scanner for the computerized buses. All buses from the middle to late 90s are computerized, including the engines, transmissions, anti-lock brakes, and body computers. God is faithful to answer our prayers! If you have any bus problems, please call us at 219-689-0011.

In July and August, God allowed us to help 18 churches, traveling 2,485 miles. He enabled us to repair 27 buses, not counting those we helped to repair over the phone. In those two months through our personal soul winning, we were able to see 8 souls saved, 5 of whom were parents of bus kids. When the whole bus family is reached for God, the bus kid has a far greater chance to grow in the Lord and be used of God.

Some Eager to Trust Christ

While we were at Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, Kansas, we went with their bus mechanic on his bus route. We were able to see 4 parents of bus kids trust Christ. Then at one door, we knocked and knocked, but no one answered. As we went to the next house, the man at the previous door climbed out of his window and called us back. He was very hungry to hear about Jesus, and after we dealt with several of his questions and gave him the good news of the Gospel, he gladly received Jesus as his personal Saviour. We went away amazed at the unusual meeting and rejoicing that he came to Jesus!

We are grateful for you our supporters, for your prayers, as well as for your financial help. You have a part in every soul who trusts Christ, in every bus repaired, and in every Bus Ministry helped through our Keep the Buses Rolling Ministry.

Our Prayer Requests

(1) Please continue to pray for our Schoof family in Rwanda, East Africa, as they are in the process of moving to Burundi, just south of Rwanda.

(2) Thank you for your prayers for our son, David Highfill, in the Navy, as he returns to the U.S.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm