Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  A Great Start to the New YearThe Christmas cards, pictures, and love gifts were such a blessing to us. We appreciate your kind thoughtfulness very much. We are grateful for your faithful support and prayers. In 2015, with God’s help and strength, we traveled over 17,800 miles, helping 132 churches and fixing 184 buses. We helped fix many other buses over the phone. God allowed us to preach and teach in many of the churches. In our personal soul winning, it was our joy to see 51 souls trust Christ as their own personal Saviour.

“My times are in thy hand . . . .” (Psalm 31:15)

My wife Jary Lynn fell last fall and received an injury that was finally detected in January. The Lord led us to a good chiropractor. He found that she had suffered a lower-back injury. The treatments have been a great help to her. We are very grateful for the prayers that God has answered on her behalf.

Sowing the Seeds, Reaping the Harvest

At Memorial Baptist Church in Ocala, Florida, I had the privilege of going with Bro. Bill on his bus route. God allowed us to win 2 of his bus kids and 2 bus moms to the Lord. What a joy that was! This was made possible because of the faithful ministry of Bro. Bill and his bus workers. I was just able to pick the ripe fruit that they had prepared. Many bus families have come to Christ because of the faithful love and care of the bus workers.

Major Bus Repair

We received a call from Harvest Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, earlier in 2015. One of their buses had a fan come off and do much damage around the engine. They got some estimates, and it was going to cost over $5,500 to do all the repairs. In December we evaluated it and did research on all the parts it would need. We were able to order the parts and repair all the damages for just over $2,000. The bus is back on the road and picking up boys and girls for Sunday school once again.

Our Prayer Requests

Pray (1) that God would use us to encourage more bus mechanics, CDL drivers, and bus workers to step up and volunteer their talents for God in their churches, (2) that God would burden the heart of more missionary mechanics to help the churches across the country (what a need this is), (3) for our health and safety as we travel, and (4) for our son James Storm and his family.

Thank you for praying for us. Those of you who are partnering with us, we are thankful for your faith in our “Keep the Buses Rolling” Ministry. You have a part in every soul and in every bus family reached by the bus ministries that we are able to help. “And thou shalt be blessed . . . .” (Luke 14:14)

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm