Warren and Jary Lynn Storm Prayer Letter: God's Great BlessingsGod Answered Your Prayers

We are very grateful for all your prayers for my wife Jary Lynn! She is well and pain-free now! God is so good to us! We are thanking and praising Him! Also, we so appreciated your Christmas cards, pictures, and texts. They were such a blessing to us. We’re so thankful for all of you!

God’s Great Blessings

In December, while we were in Greensboro, North Carolina, helping churches, I taught the Saturday Bus Meeting at Triad Baptist Church for Pastor James Tester. He sent me with Brother Ashby on his bus route. We had the joy of seeing three different moms of bus kids trust Jesus as their personal Saviour. That Sunday, two of them came to church. The daughter and grandson of one of them also came. At the altar call, my wife brought one convert, Donna, down the aisle, and I brought the other convert, TaShawnda, down the aisle. TaShawnda’s daughter Shytonya and grandson Kevin, who were already saved, came forward as well. Pastor Tester talked to them, and all four of them got baptized. We rejoiced to see what God had done!

Satan Was Mad

Satan didn’t like the souls trusting Christ and people coming for baptism! The first week in January, my wife got very sick. During the first three weeks or so, she went to the ER three times for dehydration and one time for bad pain in her right thigh, where she had a broken hip repaired in January of 2019. She tested positive for COVID, so she stayed in the motorhome. God put us in the best church we could be in, Victory Baptist Church in Port St. John, Florida! The compassionate pastor, Pastor Raymond Hall, helped us so much! He is a paramedic who worked in Emergency Rooms before pastoring. His dear wife Lisa came and prayed with my wife. Mrs. Olivia Schaeffer, a former Hyles- Anderson student, brought us homemade chicken soup and other good food. Two nurses in the church brought food, and they were such a help. My wife calls one nurse, “Nurse JoAnn,” because JoAnn and her husband Dan, had her in their home for rehab three years ago after her hospital rehab from the hip repair. God knew we needed to be at Victory Baptist Church during this time.

January Blessings

We drove only 183 miles in January, but we were still able to help four churches. God allowed me to preach six times and fix five buses. He enabled me put two of the buses back on the road that had not been running. We were so thankful that I was able to fix the air conditioner on Pastor Hall’s bus! Praise the Lord! In January, we were able to give out many tracts to the ER workers, doctors, nurses, and others. My wife witnessed to the EMT in the ambulance. He told her that he wasn’t ready yet. We pray that he will trust Christ before it’s too late!

We so appreciate you dear folks! Your prayers and support are what help us continue to serve the churches. Thank you again for your prayers! They mean so much to us.

Prayer Requests

(1) Pray that we can reach more souls for Christ.
(2) Pray for more CDL drivers, bus mechanics, and bus workers; and pray for the Bus Ministries to start back up and grow again.
(3) Pray for our health and safety.
(4) Pray for a utility truck to replace our old, tired one.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm